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The Neon Museum – Pinup Approved

neon museum
Disclosure: This#runawaytovegas adventure was sponsored by The Neon Museum.
Hi..and welcome.


I almost feel like I can’t talk about the Neon Museum…and not in a bad way…
It’s just that I am still almost speechless…plus I secretly want to keep this all to myself…but that’s impossible! I have to share.
Anyway, I was in vintage heaven with all of the retro neon signs in this graveyard/museum. I wanted to stay all day and really study each piece…oh, and obviously take outfit pictures like a true style blogger…But there was no time!!! The tour of The Neon Museum is an hour long…and it goes by extremely quick! 🙁
So I’ll share with you my favorite neon signs.
color TV
vintage hair…sort of blowing in the wind?
black jack
Lady Luck!
La Concha and the Silver Slipper…
isn’t the Silver Slipper adorable?!
this Tiki Gal on the right makes me giggle.
all of these! especially that Lady Luck sign…
a sassy little number. 
the letter F…reminds me of Franky. 🙂
Who doesn’t love The Queen of Hearts?! 
This hotel sign was the business.
working hard to play hard.
And a little history lesson on the Silver Slipper:


The Silver Slipper is installed in front of The Neon Museum…sort of across the street. 
From a gal that loves shoes, you can bet it took my breath away. 

If you’re a pinup, a lover of vintage or anything and everything retro…then you have to go to The Neon Museum. You won’t regret it. I wanted to post more photos…but didn’t want to completely overwhelm you guys. 🙂 Have any of you been there?!

Thanks to the Neon Museum for having me during our #runawaytovegas trip…
oh, I’ll be stalking you again…just you wait.


In case you were wondering what I wore:
Louis Vuitton scarf as a bow.
Leg Avenue tights
black ballet flats – c/o FitFlop

 Disclosure: This #runawaytovegas adventure was sponsored by the Neon Museum. Thank you a million times. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Honestly…from the bottom of my heart.

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    Xenia Galaviz

    You are so super cute! Love this very feminine Neon Museum side!

  • avatar
    marlita on the run

    heehee! Thanks Xenia. 🙂 I love all the girly stuff there. xo

  • avatar
    Daily Baez

    muy interesante

  • avatar

    I've seen photos of this before and it looks so, so magical. Si Dios quiere, I'll be in Vegas in April and I'm definitely gonna make a point to go!

  • avatar
    marlita on the run

    🙂 it is! thanks for stopping by Daily.

  • avatar
    marlita on the run

    It is definitely magical, Desiree. Please go! have fun in Vegas. xoxo

  • avatar
    Jamie Gall

    This has been a must visit for me for awhile now… since I first heard about it… The Neon Museum is in the perfect place. VEGAS… you took some great photos too…

  • avatar
    marlita on the run

    🙂 It is perfect! 🙂 Thank you Jamie for your kind words and for stopping by. xoxo

  • avatar
    Bizi Buenos Aires

    These are amazing images very well done! Thanks for sharing! I soooo would love to have a piece of that vintage signage in my apt! Too cool! Very inspirational place!

  • avatar
    marlita on the run

    Thanks so much! 🙂 oh…me too! It would be awesome/insane to own a piece like that…:) xoxo

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