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Sustainable Home Goods from VIVAIO Days

Have you shopped at or heard of vivaiodays.com? I hadn’t until recently. I’m so glad they approached me to try out some of their proudcts.
I’m sure you’ll love and appreciate Vivaiodays if you are about a about living a socially responsible life, or even if you’re on the path to taking those little steps. 

You can shop beauty (skincare, haircare, etc.), recreation (yoga), home, and more. 

Here’s what I’m currently trying out…

The Laundress Delicate Wash


Do you give extra love and attention to your unmentionables when washing? There are certain pieces of lingerie, stockings, and what not that I value more than others, and that usually means handwashing. The Laundress Delicate Wash in Lady obviously caught my eye. 
I was happy to find out that it’s made with natural ingredients like lavender, bergamot, and amber…I think I’m obsessed with lavender and bergamot. So, I can’t wait to try it! – Washing some delicates tonight!

Note:  It’s also cruelty-free and made of allergen-free materials. Read more about it on Vivaiodays.com 


The Laundress Candle set


The Laundress Candle Set is a an adorable trio of candles. The candles are all made of natural blends of beeswax, vegetable wax, soy, and essential oils with cotton wicks. They smell of luxury in their own unique way, each serving a purpose.
The 247 gives you eucalyptus, pine, rose, lily, bergamot, thyme, and lavender making it a great fit for the kitchen or laundry room.
The Cedar candle gives you more of a woodsy feel with orange, cedar, sandalwood and rose. I personally love it for the autumn months, so I’m saving it for cozy time in our living room (Halloween?). Noteworthy – the natural scents repel moths and other little pesky critters.
The Lady candle is my favorite…surprise, surprise. It’s citrus, lavender, and musky notes give romantic vibes making it a great bedroom candle. 

Each candle burns up to 20 hours.


The Laundress Home Spray

Do you have a strong sense of smell and are forever trying to make your home smell good or freshen up linens? I do and always am. The Laundress Home Spray perfectly blends eucalyptus, pine, rose, bergamot, thyme, musk, and lavender pleasantly. It is anything and everything but overpowering and obnoxious. I’ve been using it daily in several rooms of our little place, the bedroom, living room – oh, and I even freshened up our car a little bit, it sure needed it!


Bamboo Straws

Do you like drinking from a straw? I do! I even throw a straw in my wine from time to time because I worry about staining my teeth – don’t judge me!
Anywho, I love using these bamboo straws because they’re adorable – hello tiki-pinup style! but mostly because they are eco-friendly. Just wash and rinse and they should last you about 6 months.
A set of 12 is $10, I think that’s pretty awesome. 🙂

♥ ♥ ♥

So that’s a little peek into VIVAIO Days and some of the sweet lifestyle products they carry.

Just remember that while shopping these small-medium brands you’ll be protecting our environment as well as making a difference in other families’ lives around the world. For every $10 you spend, $1 goes to a VIVAIO Days child in Africa, helping them eat, get an education, and proper healthcare.

All for the greater good. ♥ ♥ ♥
Find out more on vivaiodays.com 🙂


I believe every little bit helps, whether you are taking care of mother earth, yourself, or others. 

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  • avatar
    Monique Frausto

    These look so great!!!

  • avatar
    marlita on the run

    Thanks Monique – They really are! especially love the candles!!! 🙂 xoxo

  • avatar

    Sustainable and eco products are just awesome.

    Moreover they help a great cause, that sounds like a winning combination.

    I love candles and everyone around me knows that I collect them!

    Bamboo straws? What a cool idea!

    Thanks for sharing and letting us know 🙂

  • avatar
    marlita on the run

    They are and it is! – glad you agree. 🙂 Oh, I don't blame you for collecting candles – I absolutely love them too.

  • avatar
    Claudya Martinez

    I am smitten with the bamboo straws.

  • avatar
    Rocio Chavez

    Totally love the bamboo straws!! I use straws in everything I drink too for the same reasons so washable straws are hitting home with me. Thanks for sharing!

  • avatar
    marlita on the run

    They're great. I'm sure you'll get great use out of them like I am. 😉 Cheers! – and thanks for stopping by Rocio. xoxo

  • avatar
    marlita on the run

    Me too! Yay!

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