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Sixties Look with Black Dress and Red Hair

Outfit details: Black Sixties style dress, and black flats – Ross, pink mod earrings – thrifted, vintage style purse – The Love of Lola, sunglasses – some souvenir shop in Mission Beach. Eyeshadow – Urban Decay eyeshadows from the Vice 4 palette.


Hi…Hello!..so here is another ’60s inspired look in a black dress. I know…shocking, back to black. But you gotta love that this dress was under $20.

This outfit was a super comfy…I am actually highly considering recycling this look for an event I have tomorrow night…but, we’ll see.

My hair was a super bright ginger in these photos (taken a couple of months ago?), and I was a lot more pale. I’ve actually seen the sun since then (but with spf, obviously)…and had a haircut and haircolor refreshed. Although, here we are again today, needing color because my roots are super showing. And sort of freakin’ out because of the event…I sometimes get anxiety over so many things that don’t even matter, like – my roots are showing and super grey, you can see some stress in my face, I’ve put on a few pounds, my favorite flats are worn out and there is no time to go get new ones. Will I have one of my socially awkward moments tomorrow? Will I know anyone? Will certain folks be judging me because I am on social media again? My nails are short again and it feels strange… sort of.

But really, who cares? I am doing my best. I am walking and working out (a little). I will get my hair done next week. I have a microneedling facial in a few hours, and I know it will help ease some stress. Shoes, wellI will have something on my feet. I never could really stand long nails on myself, but I think I just love the way they look in pictures and make me feel fancy – I’ll probably get them done again but no rush on that. Chances are I will be socially awkward, but that’s just me – and I will attract the right folks that I am meant to be surrounded by. People will always have something to say, and I just have to live my life for ME.

AND you know what’s cute?! Yellow was one of my mom’s favorite colors (lavender being the other)…so this just makes me feel like she was surrounding me with love in these photos…

Share with me what is getting you through the week! Share some happiness with me!

Thanks again for stickin’ around, babes!


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