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Last Minute Miami Trip – Travel Diaries #hispz15

miami pinup

First time in Miami…

Have you ever been to Miami?
Miami always seemed like such a far away land…but three years ago, when I learned about Hispanicize (this awesome conference that unites Latino influencers, ya know like in the social media/blogger world} held in Miami, it definitely made it’s way to the top of my bucketlist/wishlist. 
And even though I had my conference ticket provided by DiMe Media, everything was still up in the air. 
But with some magic, just two weeks before my trip, I had my plane ticket! I was going to travel to Miami with Lisa (Chicana In The City)! We found super inexpensive tickets via Spirit Airlines. First time trying them out.

oh, em gee. 
Benefit makeup vending machine at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport. geeked out.

Hotel situation figured out – five of us total staying in a room at The Intercontinental (that’s what happens when everything is booked!)…so thankful that these girls made some room for me! When Lisa and I first arrived to our hotel at the butt-crack of dawn…it was way before check-in time so obviously the room was not ready and our roommates had not yet arrived. However, the concierge was kind enough to let us freshen up in their spa.  Thank you, thank you!

lobby of The Intercontinental Miami
 The Intercontinental Hotel
(photo c/o Intercontiental Hotel)
lovely light from our room at The Intercontinental. Not a bad view either. 😉 

The entire week was full of social media workshops, panels and networking events. 
Even interviewed Dulce Candy and met Ale of Style by Ale. 🙂 My beauty and fashion loving heart skipped many beats.

 Hispanicize blew my mind all week long…with all the stuff I was storing away in my brain. And as if all the knowledge wasn’t enough – we were treated to some spectacular entertainment – like IRENE DIAZ (my new favorite aritst! and she’s from L.A. LOOK HER UP! SHE IS KILLIN’ IT!) and all girl mariachi band by the name of Mariachi Flor de Toloache (good lord!)
My heart was also so happy to hear Luis Guzman speak. He is seriously a talented, hilarious and humble individual. I hope you guys get the chance to hear him speak one day. 🙂
 Also some of the gals were going bananas over William Levi and Luis Fonsi…oh, girls. 🙂 Even when I told my mom that I took a funny picture with Don Francisco in the background, she said “Pero, William Levi? No te retrataste con el?” oh, mom…sorry no photo with him. 


I finally met Kathy of Crafty Chica. We instantly became friends! She is just a world of glitter and smiles! She gave me a piece of her artwork and it fits my life perfectly right now. Love it.

In between workshops I snuck off to have my makeup touched up by Aileen at the Covergirl station and hair done by Jillian at Pantene. I think it was the first time I really, really, really and truly loved the way someone styled my hair that didn’t involve a blowout.  happy dance.

LEARNING…learned so much about social media and beyond…The networking opportunities were incredible and the memories made with old and new friends were priceless. I was also extremely and pleasantly surprised at how much people shared and were willing to help me. Sharing is caring! 🙂

 I was on a yacht. a yacht, you guys!!! It took us around the bay for a few hours.  

It was an extremely exhausting week, but not complaining!!!…you know what was funny? – was that Lisa and I thought we left on Saturday for LA…and Friday night we realized our flight was not until Sunday night!!! haha! – jokes on us. But you know, we figured it out and made it work. I remembered I won a twitter contest via Xoxo Lizza and Best Western. AND we discovered we had BW giftcards in our #Hispz15 gift bags!…so long story short – it was meant to be that we were able to stay right on the beach at the Best Western Atlantic Resort…so funny the way life works out sometimes! 
go teamwork! ♥

Little sidenote…I think I packed pretty damn great, EXCEPT…I should have packed more pajamas and a pair of sneakers. doh! 





During the last couple of days in Miami, it was a more relaxed vibe….no set appointments or workshops. Just playing it by ear and scoping out the streets of Miami, eating pizza, and being beach bums. 

I had only dreamed of it and seriously doubted going anytime soon. But thanks to the support of good friends, my honey, and family…I was able to make it there! So thankful for this adventure. I hope to return to Miami again soon – and maybe Roni and Mabel will get to come too.

Please share your Miami stories with me…I feel like there was so much left to be expolored! And I wanna know what to do and where to go next time. 🙂 


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