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Dirty Works Cucumber Eyepads

Dirty Works Cucumber Eyepads

Do you somtimes have swollen or puffy eyes, or even dark circles? I know I do…long nights of crying or stress. It happens, and we’re human. It’s ok…we just have to show our eyes a little love.

I’ve tried some other eyepads that were kinda pricier, and guess what? They irritated my eyes to the point that they were burning (at least it felt like it). So I threw those in the trash, and I kind of gave it a rest on trying to soothe them with anything store bought. Now, I usually just do chamomile tea bag compresses if things get too out of control.

But I was at TJ Maxx and I was feeling kinda fancy. The packaging from Dirty Works is always hella cute. So I said ok, under ten bucks you can’t beat that. They’re doing the trick and soothe my eyes…plus, I love that they look like actual cucumber slices. win.

Have you guys tried these yet? What other tricks do you use to soothe your tired eyes?

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    Camilla E

    Love these eye coolers. I used them after cataract surgery when my eyes ached and also when I have a migraine. Very soothing.

    When I travel, I tuck them into a small thermos with ice where I also keep some meds. They are then ready when needed. Nice product.

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      Oooh. I’ll have to remember to use them when I get a headache. 🙂 Also, what a great idea to take them in the thermos while traveling. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Camilla. xo

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