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Beat It Creep


vixen shirt

what I wore:
Beat It Creep raglan tee – Vixen by Micheline Pitt, Vince Camuto pencil skirt – Nordstrom Rack, black flats – Ross, vintage style handbag – The Love of Lola, silver cateye sunglasses – The Love of Lola, jewelry – vintage

Hola. Happy Sunday!

It’s been hot as hell here in San Diego lately…the other day I drove back up to L.A. for Beverly Hills’ new summer nights event (they’re open later Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays) and I think it might have been hotter. I felt like I was melting!
Anyway, with this heat it hasn’t been easy trying to (finally) get my home office together, lots of unpacking and letting go of things – so you know that means piles of “keeping this” “throw this out” “donate these” and so on. It is a crazy mess, but it is coming along. Progress is being made! I just have to get some shelves and things will go a little more smoothly. 🙂 I’ve got some magnificent things up my sleeve that I can’t wait to share with you…but it’s all about timing.

Oh, and you know how I’ve been doing giveaways?!…well, if you’re a Vixen (and/or beauty & pinup) fan…you might want to keep an eye on my shenanigans. 😉



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