LOOPTWORKS SOUTHWEST PROJECT LUVSEAT – upcycled handbag collection


Southwest Airlines and Looptworks launched a handbag collection for the traveler at heart. 

How did this come to fruition? Well, if you’ve been flying the skies with Southwest, perhaps you’ve noticed the new seats made of lightweight material…and maybe even wondered what happened to all of that blue and brown leather. Southwest didn’t just toss this material, they wanted to recycle, repurpose, reuse…you know. They are hip with the kids and the environment.

So they hooked up with Looptworks, who lives and breathes the upcycle life. With this new project LUVSEAT, they manage to conserve at least 3,000-4,000 gallons of water. And speaking of water, this bag collection is water waterproof inside and out…the interior is breathable. Perfect if you are a swimmer, traveling to tropical paradise, or maybe you’re just clumsy like me.

Anyway, you know that I love projects that care about the environment. Fashion with a purpose, you get me every time….and unisex…score for femmes, hommes, and the whole spectrum.

The collection currently consists of: the weekender duffle bag, a convertible tote, and a backpack

Make sure you watch the video, it’ll make more sense and I’m sure you’ll appreciate it. 

Happy Shopping and Safe Travels.
oh, and I know your little instagrammer hearts will love their new hashtag #createwhereyouwant.
search it. use it. ♥
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    Chris / What I Run Into

    I love this! I am seriously considering ordering one. I think it's a terrific idea to upcycle and so smart of Southwest's brand.

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    marlita on the run

    You should! please let me know if you do. the leather must be so soft. 🙂 I know…genius! xo

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    I don't fly often so i didn't notice a change in their seating. I did hear the stewardess mention they recycle their trash so i asked the stewardess about it. Yes, they participate in recycling programs provided by the city they're in. I went weak at the knees!

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    marlita on the run

    wow! that is so cool. Glad they take the initiative to check out recycling programs in each city they're in. 🙂 xo

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