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L.A. Colors Brush With Fame - Challenge #5 Celebrity Looks from Head to Toe

L.A. Colors Brush With Fame Challenge #5! The last one guys! For this one we were challenged to select our three favorite celebrity looks and recreate them. For my inspirations I picked Katy Perry, Lily Allen, and Amy Winehouse (may she rest in peace). So take a looksy, and find out what L.A. Colors products I used for each look. ;)

Katy Perry inspiration:
It's no secret that I'm a Katy Perry yeah, obvious choice because pinup and because cheesecake and because great style. hello! And I love this red carpet look, very classy and Old Hollywood but with a touch of quirkiness.

What I wore:
Vintage Jessica McClintock dress, black heels - c/o AMI Clubwear, rhinestone clutch - c/o b2b via Grammy Gift Lounge, vintage earrings.
When announced this challenge, I knew I had the perfect dress already hanging in my closet. :) 
So, to get a similar look,  look for a red party dress with vintage glamour and some classy heels...a clutch with rhinestones and earrings to match...and you're all set! Sometimes you just never know what's hanging around in your closet. 

To get this makeup look I focused on the bright red lips, flirty eyelashes and flushed cheeks.

L.A. Colors products used to achieve this look:
Chunky lip pencil in Cherry Red (I LOVE this lip pencil...I've been using it for the last three days...hooked)
Eyelashes (two sets stacked together for a more dramatic and romantic look)
3D blush contour palette in Love Me.
GRAFIX liquid eyeliner in black
16 eyeshadow color palette in Sweet. I used the gold color which is in the top row. I just dabbed a little across the lids and added more in the inner corners of my eyes.

Lily Allen inspiration:
What's not to love about Lily Allen? I've loved her since I first heard "Smile." She's so sassy, and her style is on point...She can rock the cutest dresses and sometimes she's just like, "hey, let me throw on some sneakers (or trainers as I think they call them in London)."  
But yeah, I really dig this look. The mauve lips, a cateye, and the flipped out Farrah Fawcett bangs. lovely.
What I wore:
Forever 21 dress, blue Converse, DKNY raincoat - Zappos, gold bamboo earrings, ponytail extension - c/o of HairUWear, side sweep bangs (clip-in extension) - c/o Hair2Wear Christie Brinkley Collection
My little Forever 21 dress...good ol' trusty. Just a simple summer dress. And a raincoat! A basic raincoat or trenchcoat complete this look. They're not too hard to find.
My friend Guin just got this raincoat for me from Zappos. 
(maybe it's a lucky coat and it will get me to NYC!)  
Who would have known I would use this coat so soon in L.A...but seriously where is the rain you guys! where?! I think it sprinkled the other night...and that was it...tease.

To get this makeup look I focused on the mauve lips, eyes, and slightly flushed cheeks.,

L.A. Colors products used to achieve this look:
lipstick in passion flower (so creamy!), 
one set of lashes
Jumbo eyepencil in pool party for the lower lashline. 
3D Blush in Honey Bun 
I decided that since I don't have blue or green in my hair and Lily Allen is always adding a bit of funkiness to her look...why not add blue eyeliner on the lower lashline. I think it turned out great since the cheeks and lips weren't super dark. ;) So yeah, if you feel like adding unexpected color to your look, just add a bright color to your lower lashine. :)

Amy Winehouse inspiration:
A legend.
I've been on an Amy Winehouse kick lately. That girl had so much soul...I'm just left speechless.

What I wore:
black dress - c/o Lulu's, black heels - Factory2U, 
black sweater - Ross

To get this makeup look I focused on the nude lips and extreme cateye with huge lashes.

L.A. Colors products used to achieve this look:
eyelashes (two pairs stacked)
chunky lip pencil in creme brulee (use just a smidge...I went a little heavy, but eh - couldn't help it...these chunky lip pencils are amazing)
3D blush palette in Honey Bun (went very light with this palette. just a hint of color to the cheeks and minimal contouring)
GRAFIX liquid eyeliner in black 
Jumbo eye pencil in Sunglasses (what a cute name!)
I really packed on the eyeliner...but I'm no stranger to eyeliner so I felt at home. The more the merrier...Sometimes eyeliner can be tricky, but you just gotta wing it. (haha! pun intended)
But seriously for a look like this, you can't really mess up the eyeliner, you just keep adding more and more on. :) 

 ♥ ♥ ♥

Hope you enjoyed this challenge as much as I did. :) It was definitely challenging but they don't call it a challenge for nuthin'. 
Girl, you better work! haha! 
I'd love to know if you try out any of these looks. :)Really!

Thanks again for all of your support. It means a lot to me. :) And no matter what happens whetherI end up going to New York or not...I am thankful to have been picked a finalist in this Brush With Fame Challenge with L.A. colors. Good luck to all! 


Thanks L.A. Colors, Life & Style, and In Touch Weekly for selecting me as a finalist in the Brush With Fame challenge. I am enjoying the products that were sent to me for this contest!


  1. You nailed all challenges lady! Love the red Katy Perry & flushed cheeks! Lily Allen challenge made me smile! And hello Amy Winged eyeliner was to die for!!!!!

    Pick Marla!;)

    1. Thanks so much Lisa! :) So glad I could make you smile. :) thanks so much for your support! xoxo

  2. You look amazing Marla, you rocked this challenge!

    1. Thanks so much Xenia! It was so much fun, now I'm just biting my nails and on the edge of my seat waiting for them to announce the winner. ;) xo

  3. The Lilly Allen look is super adorable!

    1. Thank you Norah! :) That one was really fun to do. <3 I appreciate your support. xoxo

  4. I love each of your interpretations and how you added a bit of your own style! Xx

    1. Awww, thanks Karen. That means a lot to me. :) xoxo

  5. Hey Marlita! I was wondering how you found my blog? Just super curious as my rating have been nutso lately and I have no idea where people are finding my blog lol. Thanks:)


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