Sunday, July 27, 2014

L.A. Colors Brush With Fame - Challenge #2 Katy Perry eyes

ok, babes! I hope you're following along! 
My second L.A. Colors Brush With Fame Challenge has arrived...and this time it's all about the eyes.

What Hollywood celebrity is inspiring me this time? drum roll...Katy Perry. (oh, yeah - says it in the title too. haha)
I love her retro cheesecake pinup inspired looks. She's so fun to look at. Don't you agree?
But aside from her stellar style and bodacious curves...I love her big bashful eyes...She's always rocking huge fluttery lashes and thick black eyeliner...usually a cateye, but sometimes not.

I decided to base my look off of the her look  for the Firework album...why...mainly because I LOVE the song Firework.
call me sentimental or whatever...but it almost always makes me tear up. It hits close to home in so many ways.

And here are the L.A. Colors products I used to achieve my look:

L.A. Colors eyeshadow primer.
primed my eyelides with this and let it set for a bit.

L.A. Colors 16 Color Eyeshadow palette in Sweet.
With my ring finger I dabbed on the lightest of peaches and pinks to my eyelids...

L.A. Colors Double Volume mascara.
Applied a couple of coats to top and bottom lashes.

L.A. Colors DramatiLash lashes from the Fantasy Sexy set.
I selected my two favorites.
Pro Tips: 
Measure your eyelashes to the shape of your eye and trim if needed.
For added fullness double up your lashes...I often do!

L.A. Colors Jumbo Eye Pencils.
I applied a teeny bit of white to my waterline and then I set it with a neutral/peachy eyeshadow from the palette mentioned above.
I applied the black jumbo eye pencil to my eyebrows as well as a first step in drawing my eyelinger out.
L.A. Colors Grafix Eyeliner. 
I drew on the rest of my cateye with this guy.

and here is the final look. ;) 

So the hair's a little crazy because it was crazy humid in my house...but that's's not about the hair...right? ;)

By the way, I wanted to let you know what my favorite products were from this challenge.
The black jumbo eyepencil...super black. I was like, "should I be using this on my eyebrows?" it's that black!
Loved it...
And the eyeshadow's pretty flippin' humid these days and my eyelids tend to get oily (ew!). So yeah, the primer has been doing a good job and keep things lookin' good. Pleasantly surprised.
Who else has tried this? Let a girl know. ;)

baby you're a firework. 

Thanks so much for following my journey in this Brush With Fame Challenge! It means a whole lot to me. If you haven't seen my first challenge, go check it out. :) 


Thanks L.A. Colors, Life & Style, and In Touch Weekly for selecting me as a finalist in the Brush With Fame challenge. I am enjoying the products that were sent to me for this contest!


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