Friday, April 4, 2014

Paulina Rubio JustFab Spring Collection

Paulina Rubio for JusFab Spring Collection 2014.

Remember when Grammy nominated music sensation Paulina Rubio made her handbag and shoe debut with JustFab last fall?...well the partnership is still going strong and this is her second collection with them. The handbags and shoes inspired by Paulina's strong and unique style will be available exclusively on, starting April 8th...that's right around the corner!

Take a look at my favorite picks.

Shoes after my pinup heart:

you had me at tropical and bows.

The possibilities with these...I see retro playsuits, shorts, and short flirty skirts with these.

Shoes after my rocker heart:

and these handbags have my heart going pitter patter...

this iridescent clutch reminds me of the late '60s...
when things were starting to get racier in fashion and lifestyle.

Ok, so this bag...(and I've seen it in real life) is spectacular. 
If you're looking for a purse that says...
"Um, yes - I'm a big girl -  I got my stuff together or am at least making it look like I do!" 
I like that it's more of a classic bag versus trendy...
You can pair it with a lot of things.

♥ If you've gotten to know me, you've noticed that I look up to women with ambition, who reach for the stars, and help others along the way...not just in fashion and beauty...Did you know Paulina Rubio is on Forbes Magazine's list of The Most Powerful Women in Mexico? - and she is active in the AIDS community, as well as helping children facing homelessness, birth defects, and educational disadvantages...No wonder she is a golden yes! I am fan-girling over here. 

You go girl!...major high fives.

oh, so back to the collection...guess what?...In addition to the ten shoes and seven handbags launching next week, there is going to be a surprise release in May...I wonder what that item is...
It's driving me bananas! What do you think it is?!



  1. I love the orange bag! It was so great seeing you last weekend.

    1. I love it too - especially in black! :) Great seeing you too. xoox

  2. I really like the coral colored purse. It's one of my favorite colors.

    1. Coral is a fun color. :) and the back is ridiculously huge - I can even squeeze shoes and a sweater into it! :) haha. xo


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