Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Leopard Pants. Fancy Pants.

What I wore:
Silk Pink Ruffles top - Max Studio (similar style)
Material Girl bra - Macy's
Leopard Pants - Nordstrom Rack
Nina black leather heels - Ross
Carmen sunglasses - c/o ChilliBeans
Evil Eye friendship bracelet - c/o Kim & Zozi
Kirna Zabete x Target black clutch with red lips - Target

♥ ♥ ♥

ok...sometimes I like to show a little bit of my bra...just a peek. I used to try and do more of the super-push-up bra thing but have kind of outgrown that phase in the not so literal/figurative sense...I don't know. whatever that means.
oh, so anyway...back to the outfit.
Many of the pieces in this outfit are getting major use these days...
Nina heels - love. you've seen them before...
These leopard slacks I found on the clearance rack at Nordstrom Rack....only $5 and some change.
My Material Girl bra...it's amazing. I'm so sad because it's probably going to get to the point where it gets all dingy and I have to say goodbye...but I love it.
My pink ruffled shirt from Max Studio - that I've owned for about ten years. It's 100% silk and is still in awesome shape...except for a few missing buttons. ;)
My ChilliBeans sunglasses are one of my most favorite shades...I want to wear them all the time...currently eyeing their Rodeo Drive style...You should check them out. Really cute.
The evil eye friendship bracelet. Once in awhile I like to throw on a friendship bracelet...but this one, I am taking special care of it because it's soooo gorgeous. It's got some heavy metal detail in a gold tone, beautiful threads, soft leather, and not to mention the focal point - the evil eye. LOVE IT.
The black clutch with the pretty red lips. - This pretty little thing is from the KIRNA ZABETE for Target collection. I completely missed this whole launch...Luckily, I was at a Target in Phoenix, digging through the clearance (duh) and found this treasure. It's the perfect clutch to save my always-rushing around-and flinging things from the closet-self when I am going bananas and have to find a fancy purse. Did that make sense? no. ok. :)


Well hope you enjoyed my outfit. It's a little bit on the fancy pants side...a little.



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