Friday, December 12, 2014

HELLO KITTY CON! fashion, makeup, tattoos and stuff

HELLO KITTY CON Press Preview night

The first ever HELL KITTY CON came to celebrate Hello Kitty's 40th Birthday. :) 
Growing up loving Hello Kitty...especially in highschool, my friends and I were beyond obsessed with Hello Kitty and her adorable crew. We carried their lunchboxes and used them as purses. I also remember buying the yummy little candies, such a sweet little snack.
oh, memories. 
Anywho, I was thrilled to attend the press preview because of all the reasons above and more...but also, I just knew that Hello Kitty Con was going to be BANANAS.

And guess what? It was crazy enough when it was preview night...I arrived "on time-ish" but not early enough to get a free tattoo. sooooo bummed. You heard about the free tattoos, right? Well the first 100 people each day received free Hello Kitty tattoos. They were so cute too...oh, Hug Life.

A Hello Kitty fashion show?! yes, honey. yes. 
So many whimsical and intricate designs.

Makeup...did you know Sephora has a Hello Kitty collection? Glitzy and Glam, So obviously I had to get a touch up right? However, I didn't bring home the $450 ruby and crystal brush set. womp - womp.

Donuts! LA was first introduced to a mini-version of the Hello Kitty Cafe, a la food truck style. A box of three donuts for $ my friend Lizza and I split it. Because that's how Hello Kitty would like it. :) 

so. much. stuff.
Seriously. There was one huge section dedicated to mostly apparel and the like. Then another floor upstairs with a shop of other cute shenanigans...I sort of regret not getting something from the Simpsons x Hello Kitty collection. d'oh!

Art! It was a given that there was going to be an Art Gallery, art installations (like the first ever Hello Kitty coin purse!), and personalized art by Yuko Yamaguchi. Hello, it was held at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA!

Not wanting to bombard you guys, I only shared a handful of photos out of the gazillion that I took. But you get the idea, right? :)

So, yeah...if you have a chance to attend another Hello Kitty it.
but keep in mind to get your tickets asap - because it sells out! And get there super early with comfy shoes, some spending money, a camera...and an open heart to make new friends!

THANKS for the good times Hello Kitty!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Modern Flapper

What I wore:
Cateye Sunglasses - c/o Chilibeans, blue jumper - c/o Frederick's of Hollywood, pink bra - TJ Maxx, black skirt - Goodwill, black ankle boots - c/o AMI Clubwear, gold clutch - c/o Tarte, printed scarf - c/o Lucky Brand, 

It's always fun to dress up...usually I kick it in the 1950s / 1960s inspired little bubble...but why not venture out into a little bit of the twenties (one more time)? 

Wearing lingerie as clothing is one of those things that makes me jump for joy. Delicate slips in the 20s were all the rage and so here's a little twist on that. I am wearing a pink bra I found at TJ Maxx and this cute jumper from Frederick's of Hollywood. The jumper which is actually sleepwear is so comfortable! Call me lazy but it's so convenient to just slip a skirt right over it. :) 
I pinned my hair up a bit to give it a sort of 1920s flapper girl vibe...but obviously not secure enough as you can see. :) oops. 

So predictable of me to wear cateye sunglasses but I LIVE for them...these are from the Off The Runway Collection by Chili Beans. I love everything about them from the gold floral frame to the dark gradient lenses...and they're so lightweight. obsessed.

my little clutch from sweet little clutch...You'll be seeing it on repeat quite often.

So cheers to vintage looks and taking outside of the bubble! 
Are you rocking any vintage looks lately? Share! I'd love to check them out. 


Friday, November 28, 2014

Wildfox loves Barbie

Wildfox loves Barbie.

Welcome to the Dreamhouse!

Super guilty of being on a major Barbie kick lately. But I figured this Wildfox loves Barbie, Welcome To The Dollhouse lookbook was definitely noteworthy...the styling is on point!
 Plus I had to give our babe Kirby some extra love. Wildfox picked the perfect Barbies for this shoot.

What do I love about this Barbie project?
I mean '80s...come on. perfect.
and the soft soft soft pink makeup. adore! High-five to the makeup artist. (I secretly wish I was there dolling them up too! how fun!)
the shaggy doggy.
the pink Barbie corvette making a cameo. 
the health and fitness vs. the lounging/partying/vacationing.
And the shots of Merethe in her skates and Kirby with the boombox are so great!
As far as top picks are the gingham pajamas, the bright pink starlight sweater, and the "It's Your Birthday? Mine Too." sweater...but also spotted a cute pizza shirt on the Wildfox website

And I'm really interested in what you are eyeing from this collaboration. Do tell! :)


oh, also check out the cute video. They went all out!