Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Holiday Glow with Beauty Gifts from Costco

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When you're at Costco getting your $2 slice of pizza and what not, you might as well do a little holiday shopping right. ;) That's what I do anyway, might as well be productive!

I personally love going to the beauty section of Costco. Because it's not only a great place to get beauty products year round, but you can get so much crossed off your list. :)


First up are the Pantene Advanced Care Shampoo and Pantene Advanced Care Conditioner. Pantene reminds me so much of my years in high school. My mom was always looking out for me and the care of my hair. To this day, she is so cute and has a bottle of Pantene in the shower for me when I go visit. So sweet. ;) I know one will be waiting for me this holiday. 

Part of my holiday beauty routine is washing my hair, I LOVE when the shampoo gets all sudsy, then I rinse, condition for a few minutes (makes me feel fancy) and rinse!
Pantene Advanced Care Shampoo also makes for a great gift for the gal in your life that goes through shampoo and conditioner like no other! Ideal for teens, athletes, and folks that are really into the health of their hair. But you know how Costco has the super huge 40 oz bottles, they're also perfect for when you have plenty of house guests. It's a nice little treat for them to have while they are visiting. Because let's face it, getting a holiday glow can be stressful when you're at someone else's house. 

costco venus razors

The Venus Swirl Razor is a beauty product that I currently use and favor over others. I was happy to find out that it is offered with 8 cartridges at Costco. Score!
Getting that holiday glow is essential for all the holiday parties and events during this time of year.

Shaving my legs is a must in my beauty routine, I mean how else am I going to twirl around in cocktail dresses if my legs aren't smooth?...well, I guess I could but, it wouldn't be as cute. :)
Sometimes I shave my legs in the shower, or sometimes I just make time and dedicate it to only shaving my legs. And what I really like about the Venus Swirl is that it has a way of conforming to the curves of your body, making it for a smoother and more precise shave. Cool.

It's actually a really cool gift...even for yourself. If you find yourself skipping shaving your legs during the can wrap up this little pack and open it up on Christmas (or holiday you celebrate) and kind of surprise yourself with this little reminder! and voila! - you'll be closer to having a Holiday Glow for New Year's! 

Anyway. When you make your trip to Costco, head over to the Beauty section - you know the one, where you'll find Pantene, Olay, Venus Swirl, and other P&G beauty products. :)
Here's a little visual to make it easy. ;)

And, I'd like to know what steps do you usually take to achieve a Holiday Glow? What beauty products do you usually pick up at Costco? let's chit-chat!


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #HolidayGlow  #CollectiveBias

Monday, November 23, 2015



Luxury Bridal gowns for the vintage lover.

Claire Pettibone




For the vintage loving bride, you are going to fall in love with Claire Pettibone's THE GILDED AGE COLLECTION.
Just a few days ago, I was invited to preview this collection at the CLAIRE PETTIBONE Castle in Beverly Hills. (sweet! pretty much in my backyard...well kind of.)  And when I found out that it had influences from several decades, my heart went pitter-patter. Sure, I love to daydream about my future wedding, but mostly I feel it is my duty to spread the word about beautiful vintage-inspired pieces. And I'm not sure I've had heart-to-hearts with you dolls about wedding dresses(except for the incredible Pi-Day).
So if you are looking for luxury, class, attention to detail, and vintage inspired gowns, you should definitely take a trip to CLAIRE PETTIBONE. It is quite the experience. There's even a dress with a cape! So dramatic, I bet Joan Crawford would have scooped that number up without a doubt!

Oh - I almost forgot one of my favorite parts!  The romantic and vintage-inspired  Claire Pettibone for Trumpet & Horn Fine Jewelry Collection. I fell in love with just about every ring, but the one that stole my heart is pictured above. The heirloom setting holds the red garnet beautifully. Don't you think?

Ok...daydreamers, what do you think of CLAIRE PETTIBONE?  

Friday, November 20, 2015

MATCHCo Beauty App - The Future of Beauty

 There's a new beauty app in town by the name of MATCHCo. 

best new beauty app

Apps are becoming more and more popular, and unique in terms of what they can do. Now, I have had several beauty apps on my radar lately. But I was especially intrigued by this one because it claims to custom match your skin color perfectly for foundation. what?
MATCHCo invited me to their Santa Monica location to walk me through the process and make me a believer.

So how does the MatchCo app work?

  • Well first you can download it from the Apple Store.
  • Then you proceed to register with your email or Facebook login. 
  • You know how apps ask you if you want push notifications? This one reminds you in about 3 months or so to re-scan...because our skin tones, textures, and luminosity changes throughout the months. You know, seasons, vacations, stress, life...
  • Make sure you are indoors.
  • Ok. So scanning. yes, you scan your skin! So before you do, be sure to remove all makeup and jewelry...oh, and make sure your phone is clean too! 
  • You'll need a white sheet of paper so the app can calibrate. Don't worry, it may seem odd, but the app will guide you through the steps and it's easy as pie. 
  • Next, you are going to be prompted to scan your wrists by tapping on them with your phone and holding it about an inch away...then your cheeks, and forehead. 
  • Wait a few minutes and you'll see the app working it's magic and voila your foundation has been formulated.
  • You will be able to order your My Perfect Complexion Custom Tinted Hydrating Formula in a lovely glass bottle with your name. It arrives in 48 hours. 
best new beauty apps

One of the cool features about this app is that there is a voice guide. I find that quite helpful.

I was able to take home my customized foundation the same day. If you don't feel like waiting for shipping and are in the Santa Monica area, you can schedule a pick up time...or maybe you just want someone to walk you through the process. ;)

What else is so great about the MATCHCo foundation? What are the ingredients in MATCHCo?
I'll tell you.

Here's what I love about it. The MATCHCo foundation comes in a glass bottle, which to me screams quality and also feels luxurious. I love that my name is on it! 
The foundation itself is very lightweight, almost like a tinted moisturizer. It feels like your skin is bare but it's not. It matches my skin perfectly. Now, I love to wear a medium to full coverage foundation - and the MATCHCo foundation is more of a light to maybe medium coverage. For someone like me it is great for days that I don't want to wear heavy makeup, but still even out my skin tone and nourish my skin at the same time.
My skin is oily - but so far this hydrating formula is working well. If you have normal to dry skin, I am sure you will absolutely appreciate it.

Healthy ingredients for your skin? 

  • Bisabolol - a calming Chamomile that quenches free radicals and also reduce inflammation
  • Vitamin E - rejuvenates and revitalizes skin for a natural and dewy glow
  • Peptides - help minimize fine lines and wrinkles. hydrates, moisturizes for a healthier and more youthful appearance
  • Ceramides - prevents water loss. restores skin's protective barrier against pollutants and bacteria
  • Multiple Antioxdants - green tea extract, white lily extract help reduce the signs of aging and calm irritated skin. boost collagen production

Oil free. Cruelty free. 
Returns within 30 days - no questions asked.

$49 will get you a 1 oz bottle.

Props to the team of scientists, engineers, and artists that developed this (patented) technology. 
Blew me away.
I know some of you out there are beauty AND tech junkies. What are your thoughts?


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Beyonce Heat Rush

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It's that time again when many heartfelt memories arise and the holiday shopping madness begins.
Speaking of...this reminds me of my best friend Tiffany...

My best friend Tiffany has been with me through thick and thin...we've seen the best and worst of times together. She is someone that would give the shirt off of her back if you needed it. A smile always creeps up when I think of the times we would be  busting dance moves in her kitchen on Friday nights and watching Law & Order SVU, while everyone else was at a club. It also reminds me that GIRLS RUN THE WORLD. And that's us. So many times we've been down on our luck, some serious times in our lives like losing loved ones, health issues, and let's face it life isn't all pizza and flowers, but we always have each other to lean on - happy times, sad times, and everything in between... I could go on and on about our friendship. 
I love my best friend so much. She really is my Portuguese sister. 

Another thing Tiffany and I share is our love for fragrances...and often we fancy the same scents - at times sweet and sometimes a more sophisticated vibe. That's why I know she'll enjoy Beyonce Heat Rush - it's sweet, light, and playful. (Plus, I know she already loves the Beyonce Rise.)

For your B.F.F. or other loved ones, you can create a cute gift basket with one of the COTY fragrance gift sets available at Walgreen's (like this Beyonce Heat Rush), just add some personal touches - like photos, notes, snacks, you know. ;) That's what I'm doing for Tiffany's gift.

Or you can gift as is. The sets are pretty affordable and you might want to pick one up for yourself. (I'm thinking of going to pick up the Katy Perry ones for myself. heehee.)

Next time you're in Walgreen's picking up cotton swabs, bubble gum, and gift wrap - be sure to check out Coty fragrance sets. The display is pretty easy to find in the beauty department, and there are even handy little testers. Beyonce Heat Rush, Beyonce Rise, Katy Perry, VERA WANG...and even some stuff for the gents. ;)

Who would you gift a fragrance set to? Does a particular one re-surface fond memories?
Do tell! ♥


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #GiftingAMemory #CollectiveBias

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sugar Skull Vibes

Sugarskull Vibes

Outfit details:
Vintage cowboy shirt, Sugar Skull t-shirt - Albertson's, Mariposa Sugar Skull hoops - c/o Ilaments, blue jeans - Marshall's, ballerina slippers - c/o Clarks Shoes, Betsey Johnson wristlet - gift

Can you believe I found this Sugar Skull t-shirt at Albertson's? Yup, found it in a box of t-shirts at the market on a little trip to San Clemente. :) Nice little souvenir from that romantic getaway just a few weeks ago. ;) 
I know things are just things...but not so much when they have sentimental value, ya know?
Like this cute Betsey Johnson wristlet. My nephew gave it to me for Christmas last year. Anything and everything that has something to do with him, I will cherish forever. :)

What items that you wear often, hold sentimental value?


Monday, November 16, 2015

Red Cardigan & Black Circle Skirt - Pinup Vibes

Outfit details:
Red cardigan (similar here) - Voodoo Vixen, Eva Mendez x New York & Company black skirt - New York & Company, black ballet flats - c/o Clarks ShoesPunk Glam sunglasses with Swarovski crystal accents - c/o Chilli Beans, vintage brooch, flower earrings - c/o Ilaments, black leather clutch - c/o Schutz

You ever feel kinda under the weather, but then decide to slap on some lipstick and throw on a skirt? That was me on this particular day...even let my hair down for date night in attempt to channel my inner Dita. ;)
A festive yet semi-casual outfit had me twirling around all day and into the night from Beverly Hills and back to the East Side. :)

♥ ♥ ♥

Hope you are having a great Monday? What'd you do this weekend?


Monday, November 9, 2015

Five minute pinup makeup look with MILANI - giveaway

Five minute pinup makeup look with MILANI

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Are you ever in such a hurry to get to an event and you just got off of work, or are leaving the gym and have to be ready at a moment's notice? I know the feeling. Ah, especially now that the holidays are here, there's always some type of shindig going on.
Sometimes I have minimal makeup on throughout the day and I need to make some makeup magic happen in five minutes.
Makes me go bananas. 

Reminds me of a the very first time Roni and I spent Christmas together. It was getting to be really tough spending the holidays apart. So one year, after trying to scramble and rearrange things to make everyone else happy, we finally said, "hey, we're a family. a small one. an unconventional one...but a family." And we decided to take a roadtrip for Christmas. It was last minute, but we threw our stuff in bags and made the best of the holiday in Las Vegas - perfect for misfits like us. Sure we missed our families, but at that point in our lives things were too complicated to go to one place and then another. 
And of course we did put on our Sunday best to celebrate our very first Christmas alone together!...being Mexican it's tradition in my family to get dressed up for Christmas or at least Christmas Eve...and Roni and I both love dressing up - so eyeliner, bowtie, and a frilly dress it was!
Things are different now, and we can spend holidays together (as a couple) with our families. But, I will always look back fondly on that trip, it was our first "family trip." 

But here are some quick tips and tricks for five minute makeup. You'll be able to add that pinup oomph into your makeup routine with these MILANI products.
Check it out.


Some of us have redness in our eyelids, discoloration, or perhaps just oil, and have a difficult time keeping on eyeshadow for hours. Here's where longwearing and non-sticky MILANI Eyeshadow Primer comes in handy,
I gently smooth it over my eyelids and pat lightly to get an even color. Sometimes I even wear it without applying eyeshadow afterwards, believe it or not sometimes I do prefer a bare look. But when I do do wear eyeshadow it sure makes the job a whole lot easier, because my eyelids are super oily. 

2. Cateye / Winged Liner.

There is ALWAYS time for winged liner!  Even if you just make a little tiny wing, it adds sass to your look. When I'm in a hurry, I like to use something that is going to glide on easily and but also has major color impact. Usually I stick to a black eyeliner to create a cateye. But MILANI has these fun and festive new colors. I was intrigued by this midnight blue. I'm so happy I went with it. It is a super deep blue but catches the light just right with the subtle sparkles. LOVE IT. And it comes with a little brush that makes the application a piece of cake before or after your mascara coats.
I also like to gently smudge the Fierce Foil Eyeliner on my bottom lash line to add a smokey effect.

3. MILANI eyeliner

MILANI Supreme Kohl Kajal in black, is a rich black pencil eyeliner that is ideal for lining the waterline. 
I personally like to line my waterline on most days to give my eyes a more sultry look. It really does make your eyes pop. Just smudge out some color on your lower lash line so the line won't look as harsh...that's what I do anyway. ;)

4. Pinup pout

So the MILANI Color Statement Lipsticks.
They are true to color, meaning what you see is what you get! They are rich, creamy, and vibrant in color.
There were a few to choose from but this Blushing Beauty caught my eye. This shade is playful for day or night. ;)
Another fun tip, this lipcolor also saves me some time by doubling it's use as a cream blush. A little goes a long way. ;)

You can easily find the Milani products I used at your local CVS.

And you just might want to enter this sweepstakes!
The sweeps will run 11/2 - 11/30. Prizing will include (1) $500 CVS Gift Card and (2) $250 CVS Gift Cards! Good luck! #LookByMilani - Holiday Looks with Milani at CVS

Do you think you can pull off this look or a similar one in five minutes? I believe in you! 
Also, if you have any time-saving makeup tips yourself, do share!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #LookByMilani#CollectiveBias