Tuesday, July 22, 2014

L.A. Colors Brush With Fame - Challenge #1: Kelly Osbourne nails

Kelly Osbourne's style is funky, edgy, and yes - even classy...but always unapologetic. 
My favorite is when she rocks the swanky and curve-hugging dresses on the red carpet...but she wouldn't be Kelly Osbourne if she didn't throw in a bit of rock and roll. And lately these accents have been on her nails.

Check out these nails that she rocked during The GRAMMYs. (they've been floating around instagram, pinterest, and tumblr)

I loved them so much that I decided to try out this style for my first Brush With Fame challenge with L.A. Colors.

Here's what I used to achieve a similar look:

1. acrylic tips 
2. nail glue
3. nail buffer
4. nail clippers
5. L.A. Colors Deco nail polish in black
6. L.A. Colors Gold glitter nail polish in Glam
7. L.A. Colors Diamond top coat
8. tooth picks (pictured below)
9. nail file

  • Using nail clippers, I trimmed the acrylic tips to a smaller size and rounder shape.
  • The nail file was essential in achieving a rounder smoother shape since these weren't exactly stiletto nails.
  • I fit the nails to my finger tips and glued them onto my clean nails. I added pressure to the nails for a few seconds.
  • Once nails appeared to be strong enough, I buffed them out.
  • I painted nails black with a couple of coats of the Art Deco polish.
  • I added a coat of Diamond top coat.
  • I used toothpicks to dip into the gold Glam nail polish to draw my designs.

So there you have it...my very first attempt at nail art!
I must say this challenge...was indeed a challenge. :) But it was fun!..and I'm thinking maybe I will practice this nail art thing from time to time. ;)

Also...here's what I discovered about these nail polishes:

  • The glitter is quite glittery and vibrant. You immediately get massive amounts of glitter on your brush...but don't worry, it's not that clumpy and annoying kind...oh, and I found it easy to remove with nailpolish remover.
  • The black Art Deco nail polish is vibrant...the brush is thin because it's meant for nail art, so it takes a bit of practice if you are trying to polish an entire nail - but I am happy with it's formula and vibrancy.
  • The diamond topcoat is wonderful! I can't believe that it's only a dollar. I highly recommend this.

What else did I learn? Long fingernails take some getting used to! haha! 

♥ ♥ ♥

For super fast drying time...soak your nails in cold water. Trust me, it speeds up the process.
Don't have fancy nail tools for designs? - get creative with tooth picks. I sure did.
Topcoat! - I love topcoats...It does so much more for your nail color. The vibrancy is kicked up a notch or two, plus your nails aren't as prone to chipping.

Thanks for following my latest adventure. I hope you learned something! I think I did too!

oh - and maybe you're wondering? What is this Brush With Fame thing?
Well, I'll tell you. I entered a contest with L.A. Colors and am one of five finalists competing to win a trip to NYC! (I want to go to there!) My fellow blogger finalists and I are doing a series of five beauty challenges. Wish me luck!

Thanks L.A. Colors, Life & Style, and In Touch Weekly for selecting me as a finalist in the Brush With Fame challenge. I am enjoying the products that were sent to me for this contest!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Miley Cyrus romper

What I wore:
Miley Cyrus x Max Azria floral romper - 99 cents only store, white wedges - Nordstrom, pink balconette bra - TJ Maxx, big blue bow - 99 cents only store, gold chandelier earrings - c/o Ilaments, pink cateye sunglasses - Wal-Mart, Fossil bag - Macy's, gold belt - thrifted

Shorts. what-what? I'm wearing shorts...well, sort of technically it's a romper/playsuit.
It's floral and all kinds of cute..From the Miley Cyrus x Max Azria collection...and yes, you read right! - I did find this fantastic little number at the good ol' 99! What a major score, huh?!

what was my vibe for this look? Yard Sale shopping. I mean it's one of my versions of what a gal wears when she hits the yard sales. :) 

What do you wear when you go garage sale shopping? 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Betsey Johnson top and Polka-dot dress

What I wore:
vintage Betsey Johnson top, polka dot dress (worn as a skirt) - gift, floral wedges - c/o AMI Clubwear
hair bow - 99 cents store, Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses (similar here)

Splurged on this Betsey Johnson top about ten years ago or whenever it was that my love for Betsey Johnson first came to be. Remember when baby-tees were all the rage?  I thought this one was done in such a classy fashion with the little puffed shoulders and the neckline that's so sweet and romantic...but obviously with the Betsey Johnson edge..it has built in jewelry for ya. How fab!

My polka dot skirt is actually a dress that was given to me a few years ago. It makes it's way into my day every now and again. During some major spring cleaning I almost decided to part ways with it, I don't know why...But so glad I didn't. It's strapless and I know it's going to come in handy again during this summer

Do you ever do that? Almost get rid of something and then find another purpose for it? 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Floral Wedges and a Crop Top

What I wore:
blue polka-dot pencil skirt - Nordstrom Rack, gold cateye sunglasses - c/o Lulus.com,
pink croptop - c/o MinkPink. pearl bracelet - 99 cents only stores, red paisley headband - Kohl's, red wristlet- c/o Besame Cosmetics
gold and lavender earrings - c/o Ilaments

THE HEAT! Sometimes I want to look a little more put together and be comfy...but my flats get all sweaty with the heat and I am the worst and walking in flip-flops...so wedges are a great alternative to heels...plus your feet don't get as tired. :) I love these floral wedges from AMI Clubwear, they go with just about anything...I love to mix prints and patterns. 

FUN FACT! you see my fun pearl bracelet?...it's actually squishy...it's some ergonomics type of thing....and it actually helps with preventing some of the aches and pains of typing, clicking and all that when you are on the internets! I love it...and especially because I bought it at the 99.

Earrings! I love love love these earrings from Ilaments. They have an artsy feel that Frida Kahlo probably would have rocked in her day..and yet there is still something modern about them.

Oh, and so speaking of HEAT, this Fourth of July weekend was no joke! was it hot were you were? What did you guys do? Tell me about your adventures!
I relaxed, partied, and did laundry...oh, the circle of life.

from instagram. ♥


Tuesday, July 1, 2014


ARDENCY INN Summer Campaign starring Shadows on Stars lead singer Randa Leigh. 
Can you tell it was shot in downtown LA? ;)

pretty, huh? 
the images, Randa, the makeup.


You can score Ardency Inn's summer collection at Sephora and obviously at ArdencyInn.com

The summer collection consists of:

MODSTER lip balm and primer - a primer and lip balm in one. with a minty kick.

MODSTER Long Play Supercharged Lip Color in Forward - full coverage and long lasting lipstick. 
I was recently chatting with a friend about pink lipsticks with a hint of violet...well this is what I was imagining in my head...And it has the blue undertones that I love. 

MODSTER Smoothe Ride Supercharged Eyeliner in Cream - a creamy waterproof eyeliner.

AMERICANA Supercharged Soft Focus Moisturizer - a moisturizer that blurs imperfections. 
What a clever name! Fellow photographers I know are geeking out a little. heehe!

♥ ♥ ♥ 

What do you think? Out of everything in the collection, what is calling out to you? 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Mario Badescu skincare - top three products for oily skin

Have you guys heard of Mario Badescu skincare?

Mario Badescu is known for personalizing skincare to their clients' needs, and ACNE TREATMENT. As someone who has battled with acne since my early teen years - I'm so excited. But acne isn't the only thing the line targets - it treats rosacea, and helps fight the aging process. HOORAY! I want to be forever young. 

You know how celebrities always have the best skin? Welp, some of Mario Badescu's biggest fans are Natalie Portman, Liv Tyler, Queen  Latifah, Angela Bassett, and the list goes on. But aside from that I have some close friends that swear by this line...and they have the skin to prove it. 

I tried the oil-free moisturizer with spf awhile back, used it, ran out...then forgot about it. Well recently I was reintroduced to the line (thanks MB for the goodies) and began to use some of the products. I will say that for some reason my oily skin loves the oil-free moisturizer without SPF...but that's just my experience...my skin is sooooo oily. Oh, and I also love the Glycolic Foaming Cleanser, it gently exfoliates and it smells of citrus heaven

But you really want to know what my favorites are?...


The Cucumber Tonic Mask. 
Refreshes dull skin. Leave on for 15-20 minutes.
It feels light when I apply it and it's not tough to wash off. I like to use this when I feel my skin is looking a bit stressed.

The Cucumber Lotion
Removes pore clogging. T-zone shine control.
know it kind of looks like pickle juice. ;) That's ok. I love pickles and cucumbers. So obviously it has cucumber extract.
I LOVE me some toner after cleansing my face. This toner is refreshing and smells pleasant. My skin feels so clean afterwards.

Buffering lotion
for treatment of large, deep, cystic acne. 
This is a lifesaver! I rarely get these type of breakouts anymore...but sometimes hormonal breakouts come back with a vengeance. no joke. So this stuff is awesome to leave on overnight and let it work its magic.

So there you have it. Those are my favorites from Mario Badescu...someday I will go to their spa. someday....Spa day is much needed over here.

Y tu? Have you tried this line? What's your experience? When's the last time you had a spa day?


Thank you Mario Badescu for sending me such lovely products. :) All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Zooey Deschanel x Tommy Hilfiger dress

What I wore:
Kenley Collins scarf  - Besame Cosmetics
red wristlet - c/o Besame Cosmetics
white knee socks - Marshall's

Hello lovers! Remember how I was so insanely obsessed with Zooey Deschanel's designer collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger
The folks at Macy's noticed my excitement and surprised me with  the dress that I was going bananas overSo far I've worn it twice! And I'll probably wear it again and again because it's so comfy...I can see myself wearing this to the pizzeria, traveling, pool parties, and even during the winter with tights! The fabric is thick but light and breathable at the same time...stranger things have happened!...So I didn't feel all hot and sweaty in this L.A. weather. :) 

my little family

I even wore it to a makeup gig the other day. :) 

you know what I just thought of? this is perfect for the Fourth of July! in fact the whole collection is...why didn't I think of this before?! ha! red, white, and blue! 
speaking of...What are you guys doing for the Fourth?


p.s. I totally geeked out when Zooey retweeted my last post...let's see if this happens again! fingers crossed. :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014



Super cute collection from shoedazzle for this summer. sandals! wedges! heels! oh, my! What caught your eye?
I'm all about the Roza and Gaby wedges for a playful daytime look. And those silver Laris heels are calling my name for a fancy night out on the town. Baby! so cute.