Friday, January 23, 2015

Pajama time in the daytime - Ralph Lauren sleepwear

Ralph Lauren Sleepwear

What I wore:
polka-dot bow - Marshall's, Ralph Lauren sleepwear - TJ Maxx, knee socks with hearts - 99 cents only stores

(eyelashes - c/o Lola V.)

Pajama time in the daytime. Don't you love lounging in your pajamas? I do. 
Even though I do enjoy dressing up, it's so liberating to shed layers off as soon as I walk in the door and throw on pajamas.

The weather here in Los Angeles has been quite the's messing with my emotions! It's hot, then cold, then rainy, then sunshiny! Crazy!
That's why this Ralph Lauren pajama shorts set  paired with knee socks was just the right amount of coziness. I tend to get really hot but then sometimes my feet are cold and slippers can be annoying at times.

Don't these socks with hearts rock your world?! The quality is superb and I can't believe I found them at the 99. Oh, the 99...good times.

Hope you are having a happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend. 

p.s. do you guys ever have a hard time pronouncing designer names? I do sometimes and I overthink it. oh, well.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


LORAC Spring 2015 Collection - Unzipped Gold

The Girl Next Door is what happened when I recently went to preview the new LORAC Spring Collection, Unzipped Gold. And hooray I brought some goodies home to play with and give you the 411.
The collection is all about vibrancy and gold. Even some of the packaging is gold. How smarty pants of LORAC to launch it during Award Season and right before Valentine's Day....or shall I say Galentine's Day?! They knew we'd all want to get dolled up for parties and dates. 

Unzipped Gold Eyeshadow Palette - $42 (
I've been playing with the Unzipped Gold eyeshadow palette and the pigment payoff does not dissapoint. You get so much love and intensity in their palettes. That's the only way I know how to describe it. (I still have a Pro To Go palette that's been a trooper. :) )
From a pinup perspective, what I really think is a selling point for the Unzipped Gold eyeshadow palette is the subtle range in hues and smart versatile colors. When dressing to the nines in a pinup fashion, I think this palette understands what I am looking for. I can throw on a natural/neautral eyeshadow color for a daytime look...for a night out on the town, I can spice it up with some shimmer or add some depth and drama.

LORAC Pocket Pro - $15 (
3 eyeshadows. 2 matte and 1 shimmer. I love this for on the go touch-ups and traveling. (in a pinch you can use the black for eyeliner. brilliant.)

Unzipped Cheek Palette - $30 (
4 universally flattering blushess, 2 matte shades and 2 shimmery shades...with cheeky names like Underrated, Unashamed, Unimaginable, and Unapolagetic, how's a girl to resist?
And a full size Alter Ego lipstick in Girl Next Door.

LORAC Alter Ego Collection giftset - $35 (kohl'
Five. five. five. Five. Five...did you hear me? Five full size lipsticks for $35.
The lipsticks are highly-pigmented, opaque and leave a matte finish. 
What's also super awesome is that they contain acai-berry, pomegranate, grape seed extract, and vitamins A & E. hmmm. Maybe that's why they are a bit creamy and not drying!
And again this little set is perfect whether you're going for a classic pinup look, you're a nod to mod gal, or even rock a more modern look...I've gone outside my comfort zone and rocked Girl Next Door a few times and it's fun (pictured above). But my jam is definitely Vixen, the fuschia is so intense. LOVE it.

So yeah. Those are my honest to goodness thoughts about the LORAC Spring Collection. Let me know if you have picked it up yet and what you think.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Missoni Sweater

What I wore:
Blue top - c/o Express, black pants - c/o Express, leopard bow - Marshall's, Quay cateye sunglasses - c/o Lulu', Betsey Johnson wristlet - gift, Betsey Johnson earrings - Betsey Johnson, Missoni sweater - Out of The Closet

Because who else finds a men's MISSONI sweater for $1? 
And then rocks it up and down the courtyard/makeshift runway like no big deal.,,yeah, me neither. Guilty!
Haha! Honestly though, I've been shopping this way since I was a little kid...rummaging through yard sale piles and clearance racks because our family had to make the pennies stretch...and I was determined to look cute despite sad times. 

Out of The Closet is one of my favorite thrift stores in the whole entire world. I always feel good about donating stuff there because it goes to the greater good...and most of the time that I donate stuff, I wander in and find something amazing. Oh, the circle of life! :)that's where I found my sweater...I said to myself, "what is this glorious piece of Charlie Brown sweater madness?!" Then I realized it was a Missoni x Target menswear piece in tip-top shape...icing on the cake.

What's your favorite thrift store?

Friday, January 16, 2015

Cate & Chloe VIP Box

Cate & Chloe jewelry

When Cate & Chloe asked if they could send me some of their pieces in a VIP box, I said sure why not, because I love sparkle and it appeared to be full of elegant and quality I genuinely wanted to see if it was worth the hype.
And guess what? It is. 

Well, let me break it down to you on how Cate & Chloe works. 

1. You can shop for individual pieces and pay for them one by one. Prices range from $99 - $135
2. Also you have the option to sign up for the VIP box and receive 2 designer pieces every month for $39.99/month. (shipping is free. thank goodness...because shipping fees are annoying.)
3. If you decide to go for the VIP box...depending on how many months (1-12) you go with you get 10-20% off additional purchases.

Now, here is what I really think of C&C:
1. stylish yet affordable jewelry
2. elegant statement jewelry that is red-carpet worthy yet works in a professional setting
3. It really does sparkle...especially the Cubic Zirconia pieces
4. The VIP box is the best. I mean you might as well sign up for the monthly service and get more glitz for less.

But my top reason that I love this VIP jewelry box...
I think it's a fabulous gift for someone special in your life that really admires designer jewelry and sparkly things. They don't have to be your can surprise your best friend or your favorite aunt. I like surprising my best friends with little packages all the time. ;)
And Valentine's Day is right around the corner...but why wait for an occasion?

oh...and how's this for an added bonus?! Cate & Chloe have decided to give my beautiful readers a 30% discount. Just apply the promo code MARLITAONTHERUN30 at check out. (expires February 28th.)Happy Shopping! 


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Devil With A Blue Dress

Devil In A Blue Dress

What I wore:
Crown Vintage heels - DSW
Aries necklace - c/o Ilaments
pink feather fascinator - gift, 
black scarf - Marshall's

A fancy little blue dress...I don't know if I've ever had a fancy blue dress...well it's more like teal but still. It's one of my favoritest colors in the whole universe. :) It reminds me of the water...the ocean and all of it's endless possibilities...One day I will travel to some beautiful and tropical place where the water is actually blue! ha!

I can't remember where my feather fascinator clip is from...I think my friend bought it for me at Forever 21 during the holidays one year. And my Crown Vintage heels...major score! For the longest time I drooled over Crown Vintage shoes...and then one miraculous day, I find this amazing pair at DSW. Thank you shoe Gods! They are an incredible vintage reproduction. LOVE!

Another thing this Voodoo Vixen dress makes me think of, is the song Devil With A Blue on that (music) note, here ya go!


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hot Pink Trenchcoat Dreams

What I wore:
V-neck sweater - c/o Express, hot pink trenchcoat (old)- Bebe, black and white maxi skirt - Ross, Cynthia Rowley bucket bag - Goodwill, ankle boots - c/o AMI clubwear, Quay cateye sunglasses - c/o Lulu's, vintage scarf worn as a bow - gift

If  you've taken a stroll through Silverlake in L.A. or even driven through'll probably recognize the artwork. It's right outside of Los Globos. I have yet to actually party it up in there...but I will! I must! It always looks so pretty and fun... :) 

I thought my skirt kinda sort of got along with the they could be friends, ya know. It's one of my first maxi skirts. I abso-freakin-lutely love it! It so long and extremely flowy. Only sometimes I have to super hike it up because I end up tripping on it and then pulling it down and causing to almost flash peeps. But it's worth it because it's beautiful and "I got it at Ross!" Major score in the clearance section.

This hot pink trenchcoat...Found at Bebe a few years ago (and amazing quality!)...and it's still in great shape because I've only worn it twice...why?! I dunno...because when paired with teal and/or black it's like Barbie heaven.  Bebe can you make this again? - In maybe a teal color. A girl can dream...right?...

But what am I seriously dreaming about? Miami and New York...I want to go to there.

Hope you're having a happy Tuesday! What are you dreaming about? :) 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Enrique Iglesias Adrenaline - mens fragrance

Enrique Iglesias - Adrenaline

Lately I've been on the hunt for awesome men's fragrances....
I was sent this recently and wondered if it would live up to Enrique's sexy self. :) Let's be real, celebrity fragrances are a hit or miss.

Enrique Iglesias Adrenaline is a mix of luminous, spicy, and warm notes...with a hint of a floral. 
Honestly, I was sold at Mandarin and cedarwood...sounds smokin' hot.

I tested it out and loved it. I honestly can't believe that it's sold at drugstores like Walgreen's and such....usually found for about $20 (and sometimes in a giftset). 

It's smokey and sensual...but not overwhelming. It's perfect for a youngin'...but I'm sure many peeps can rock it.
But the real test had to be run by Roni, my girlfriend. 

Roni wears nothing but men's colognes...As soon as she smelled Adrenaline she was convinced...and that convinced me! She doesn't like cheesy smelling fragrances. She also couldn't believe that it was so affordable. :) 
We both agreed it was amazing enough that we needed to spread the word about it...and no we're not getting paid to tell you this...Just thought it was cool that it's smells so sensual and sexy and it won't break the bank. Check it out for yourself, there are usually testers in the stores so you can spritz and judge away.

Have a great night! Smell ya later!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year! It's 2015!

What I wore:
Gold dress - c/o DailyLook, pink heart glasses - c/o ZeroUV, roses headband - Forever 21, pretty eye earrings - Betsey Johnson, Mexican gold hoops - gift, fringe cardigan - c/o Forever 21, black platforms - Seychelle's, black Valentino Couture belt - thrifted, Happy New Year crown - c/o Akbar

techy stuff:
Barbie iphone case - 99 cents store ( you better believe it!)

Happy New Year! It's 2015!
Doesn't it sound sort of futuristic...years ago I thought we would be living like the Jetsons...but I'm still hanging on for dear life with my cracked iphone4...but at least I have a cute Barbie case I scored a few days ago. hello, looking on the bright side!

Anywho...hope you guys had a great New Year's Eve and your year is off to a great start! 
I celebrated with my honey and one of our best friends by having some hot cheetos, whiskey, and then wandering over to the Akbar for some free champagne and party yeah...these photos were the next morning. haha! GUILTY!
but who cares? I am pretty sure I wasn't the only one wearing the same thing the next day. :) 
We're human! Can I get high five?! You know you'd wanna wear a gold dress everyday, too!
Posted this on my instagram a few weeks ago - at the Two Point Oh! LA Snowball. 

So while we're on the subject of a new year...How do you guys feel about "new year. new me." or the resolutions? do you have resolutions?

I'm just looking forward to spending as much time with the ones I love. And that also means working on health and happiness. 
Not sure if those count as resolutions but they are definitely things that I look forward to! :)



p.s. Random! does the huge closeup of my ear/earring freak you out? Maybe it's just me. :) It's kinda funny to see even just a small part of my ear so close up. 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Rainy Day in LA

What I wore:
Chucks - Converse (similar here)
Cynthia Rowley bag - TJ Maxx
black skinny jeans - c/o Riders by Lee
best winter coat ever - c/o Desigual
waterproof parasol - thrifted, 
red roses flower crown - c/o Forever 21
white t-shirt - c/o Too Ugly For LA
lipstick in Tahitian Pearl - c/o Besame Cosmetics
Eylure Katy Perry eyelashes - Beauty Collection
Benefit They're Real push up liner - c/o Benefit Cosmetics

It's a rainy day in LA today. hey, that rhymes!
no...but seriously. it's been raining since the late afternoon. I really thought it would be just a little I dragged Roni out for some errands (even though we are both sick). 
And of course we both still had appetites so obviously we might notice some leftover cheese enchilada on my new favorite Besame lipstick.
I rarely take selfies...but when I do...I just do. :) This one I took in the car...and don't worry, Roni was driving.

How do fashion bloggers get such perfect pictures in the rain? I couldn't keep my hair in place with all the running back and forth to the car.

Did you hear that it's 12 degrees in San Francisco today?...and I still want to be there. :) 
What's it like where you're at?


Friday, December 12, 2014

HELLO KITTY CON! fashion, makeup, tattoos and stuff

HELLO KITTY CON Press Preview night

The first ever HELL KITTY CON came to celebrate Hello Kitty's 40th Birthday. :) 
Growing up loving Hello Kitty...especially in highschool, my friends and I were beyond obsessed with Hello Kitty and her adorable crew. We carried their lunchboxes and used them as purses. I also remember buying the yummy little candies, such a sweet little snack.
oh, memories. 
Anywho, I was thrilled to attend the press preview because of all the reasons above and more...but also, I just knew that Hello Kitty Con was going to be BANANAS.

And guess what? It was crazy enough when it was preview night...I arrived "on time-ish" but not early enough to get a free tattoo. sooooo bummed. You heard about the free tattoos, right? Well the first 100 people each day received free Hello Kitty tattoos. They were so cute too...oh, Hug Life.

A Hello Kitty fashion show?! yes, honey. yes. 
So many whimsical and intricate designs.

Makeup...did you know Sephora has a Hello Kitty collection? Glitzy and Glam, So obviously I had to get a touch up right? However, I didn't bring home the $450 ruby and crystal brush set. womp - womp.

Donuts! LA was first introduced to a mini-version of the Hello Kitty Cafe, a la food truck style. A box of three donuts for $ my friend Lizza and I split it. Because that's how Hello Kitty would like it. :) 

so. much. stuff.
Seriously. There was one huge section dedicated to mostly apparel and the like. Then another floor upstairs with a shop of other cute shenanigans...I sort of regret not getting something from the Simpsons x Hello Kitty collection. d'oh!

Art! It was a given that there was going to be an Art Gallery, art installations (like the first ever Hello Kitty coin purse!), and personalized art by Yuko Yamaguchi. Hello, it was held at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA!

Not wanting to bombard you guys, I only shared a handful of photos out of the gazillion that I took. But you get the idea, right? :)

So, yeah...if you have a chance to attend another Hello Kitty it.
but keep in mind to get your tickets asap - because it sells out! And get there super early with comfy shoes, some spending money, a camera...and an open heart to make new friends!

THANKS for the good times Hello Kitty!