Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pinups For Pitbulls

Little Darling's Pinups for Pitbulls

You are going to fall head over heels for this book, Pinups for me. I did.

What is it filled with?:
 eye-catching and swoon-worthy photos of tattooed pinup girls posing with the cutest pitbulls ever! um, like the ones above! The one in outerspace gets me every damn time. 

To bring awareness of these beautiful canine educate people about the pitbull breed and provide some useful tips. 

What do I really think?...
my heart is melting! seriously. I am having so many cute-attacks. 
I am so grateful that  Little Darling's (Deidre) peeps reached out to me to see if I wanted to check this book out. And I'll be completely honest...first reaction was "PINUPS! Yay!"...then, "I really should learn more about the pitbull breed because there is a huge stigma. And I just LOVE doggies." 

Pitbulls are really sweet doggies (not to mention adorable) but there are just awful rumors about them...and Deidre, the founder of this nonprofit Pinups for Pitbulls is doing an amazing job advocating for these little guys...
Please pick up this book and/or spread the, I'm not getting paid to tell you this. I just really want you to have this on your coffee table. :)


oh - and a little sidenote! There is a calendar too! 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Linear B. - Fall 2014 (makeup & hair)

Linear B. Fall 2014

 (fall makeup and hair)

Erin Dill - Ford Models
Photographer - Dan Busta
Hair & Makeup - Marla Verdugo

I was working on some other style and beauty posts when I remembered...hey! - I haven't posted any of my makeup work lately...except on instagram and twitter...So here ya go. ;) 
The makeup was very simple, fresh, and relaxed..smudged eyes with a bit of gold in the inner corner...flushed cheeks and a very pale lip. Hair was wavy and tousled. Complimented the coziness of the overall fall inspiration that Chi Leung had for Linear B. 

I love a flushed cheek and messy hair. my life.

But also...let's talk about THE sweater. Don't you just love the grey hooded sweater? reminds me of a dinosaur...If a dinosaur was fashionable. :) 

Behind the scenes from my instagram. ♥

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Monday! 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK Taryn Manning at The EMMYs - retro hair

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK star Taryn Manning at The EMMYs 

Taryn Manning was another one of my favorite looks from the EMMYs. I mean who wasn't rooting for Orange Is The New Black?! But, talk about Orange is the new heart was doing major fist pumping for this retro look. Her gold dress is so elegant and classy, reminds me of something that Marilyn Monroe would have worn in her day. :)
The makeup was sultry, and come-hither without being overkill.

The HAIR! love love love the Old Hollywood hair. A sweet and modern interpretation of the classic fingerwave 'do.

I'm thinking with this heat...I might just try this hair for date know, sexy, sort of side-swept...

 ♥ ♥ ♥ 

So if you want to join me and give it a go for Taryn's red-carpet worthy hairdo follow these expert tips from Michael Duenas:

  • ·      Starting on damp hair add 2 golf ball sizes of OSiS+ Grip and a few spritz of OSiS+ Session Label Flexible Hold Hairspray to the roots. 
  • ·      Blow dry with a Denman brush or vent brush, focusing on adding volume at the scalp. 
  • ·      Take a deep side. parting, just past the mid of the eyebrow. 
  • ·      On the heavy side of the head, start at the top, take an inch thick section from the crown to the hairline, split that section in to 1-inch sections. 
  • ·      Using a 1/2 inch curling, curl the 1-inch sections towards the face and pin till they are cool. 
  • ·     Work in this same way, from behind the ear forward, curling all the hair and pinning. 
  • ·      On the lighter side of the head, take 1-inch thick sections from just behind the ear, holding your iron horizontal curl the entire section at once away from the face, work from the parting down till you have curled all the hair. 
  • ·      Working on the back of the head, take 2-inch sections in a brick-lay pattern and curl each section, vertically in different directions. 
  • ·      Using a wide tooth comb, comb out the curls in the front, forming them into a wave. 
  • ·      Brush out the rest of the head with your fingers and touch up with a Mason Pearson.
  • ·      Finish the look with OSiS+ Session Label Strong Hold Hairspray.

Ulta or have your backs. They carry the OSis+ line.
  • OSiS+ Session Label Strong Hold Hairspray ($22)
  • OSiS+ Session Label Flexible Hold Hairspray ($22)
  • OSiS+ Grip ($19)
Taylor Schilling and Taryn Manning via instagram

Final thoughts:
ryn's look for the EMMYs...She cleans up  pretty nice, right?! Right... I know some of you out there are major OITNB let a girl know what you think of her retro and glamorous look. ;)


Ducks In a Row

Outfit details:
blue top - Macy's juniors department, skirt with roses - c/o Voodoo Vixen, floppy sunhat - Ducks In A Row, black sandal wedges - Seychelle's, polka-dot bracelet - $5.99 store, dainty bracelet - c/o Oia Jules, gold cateye sunglasses - c/o

Too many fun things going on in this outfit..
This super floppy sunhat from Ducks In A Row...when I first came across Ducks In A Row I thought they only made winter-y know being a San Francisco brand and all. :) Nothing wrong with that...I love winter-y hats...and I adore SF. But when I found out they (DIR) made hats that are perfect for the beach and/or tropical weather...this was my number one pick!  I feel so fancy when I wear this sunhat...I am not afraid to wear it anywhere and everywhere! I wore it to the beach, I wore it to the auto-repair shop...and you'll probably see me wearing it at the 99 or to your babyshower. :)  

Getting my haircut in West Hollywood at The Beauty Collection

At BeautyCon with Lil Miss Style

My black pinup skirt with rose patterned print. I have gotten a lot of wear out of this skirt as well. It dresses up any old t-shirt and spices up my life. My favorite little secret about this phone fits in one pocket and my lipbalm and keys in the other...magic. It's the little things I tell ya. :)


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Barbie Lagerfeld launches worldwide - #barbielagerfeld

Barbie Lagerfeld launches worldwide

The Barbie Lagerfeld collection is set to launch at the end of the month...WORLDWIDE. September 29th to be exact. Already I can hear the internet buzzing...and fashionistas bookmarking,
It's going to be bananas because only 999 of these are being produced. So what do you do if they're sold out online by the time you have your credit card ready?
You can always try your luck at select Karl Lagerfeld retail stores...or even Colette in Paris if you happen to be there for Fashion Week. :)
image via Barbie instagram

The details on this Barbie doll couldn't be any more on point..the signature Karl Lagerfeld tailored suit, ponytail, aviators, white collared shirt...all of it. yes, girl.
$200, so start saving your lunch money...and make your lunch at home. 
Let me know if you are one of the lucky ones that gets their hands on this limited edition Barbie! 

Fingerless gloves crossed for all the Barbie lovers. 
(me included!)


#barbielagerfeld rules the world this month!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014



Today ALL SAINTS opened their 2nd largest store in the world...and what better way to celebrate than by introducing their new handbag collection at the Caesar's Forum Shops in Las Vegas. 
The collection is 17 pieces of the most in demand categories - shoulder bag, tote, shopping bag, wallet, clutch, card-holder, and backpack. All made of premium Italian leather.

Obviously a nod to their limited edition iconic biker jackets, you'll notice the biker inspired details such as blacks, dark greys, military camouflage, and even some leopard...but really, how about the double-studded bespoke pullers and shiny gunmetal hardware? Nice touch.

So where can you get the collection?...well obviously in Las Vegas - oh, and take note for you Vegas peeps and visitors - the Caesar's store is the only store in Las Vegas that will stock the collection in it's entirety. Plus the 14,000 square foot store  holds 1,400 square feet of digital displays AND a sewing machine from 1906! - secretly geeking out. 

Can you shop the handbag collection at other ALLSAINTS locations? yes. Can you shop the handbag collection at ALLSAINTS.COM? yes, that's what word on the street is anyway.

So what do you think about these pieces so far? I'm personally digging the leopard...I know, obvious Marla choice. But I'm also intrigued about the military camo print...I know it's gotta be legit. ;)


Images courtesy of ALLSAINTS

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

GIRLS Allison Williams' Emmys makeup

HBO Girls star Allison Williams' makeup for the Emmys

Allison Williams' makeup at the Emmys was flawless thanks to celebrity makeup artist Pati Dubroff.
Being that Allison was just back from summer vacation with sunkissed skin, Pati opted for a softer yet radiant look. She wanted her to be stunning on the red carpet but not overdone.

It was important to place focus on her skin:

  • Pati made sure to prime Allison's skin with Tarte's clean slate timeless smoothing primer to avoid any unwanted shine. 
  •  For sheer coverage and so Allison's freckles would show through - Tarte Amazonian clay 12-hour full coverage foundation SPF 15 in light medium honey.
  • Since Allison's Gambattista Valli Couture sleeveless dress displayed her body perfectly. Pati knew " it  was just as important to make sure that the skin on her body looks as just as flawless as the skin on her face,” said Pati. “I used Jergens BB Body Skin Perfecting Cream in Medium to give a subtle radiant sheen and illuminate Allison's skin.”
  • Bronzer and blush - Tarte Park Avenue Princess Bronzer to intensify the tan. For flushed and pink cheeks - Tarte Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in fearless on the apples of the cheeks.
  • For defined brows -  tarte the brow architect™ brow shaper, liner and definer in medium-tan.

Structured Eyes:

  • Pati Dubroff dream palette using ochre and raw to give matte structure and a soft tone in the crease and under the eye,” said Pati. She then applied Tarte smolderEYES™ Amazonian clay waterproof liner in golden beige in the center of the lid for a peachy pink base followed by Chanel Illusion D’ombre in Abstraction on top. On the inner corner of the eyes, Pati added a flash of NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Corcovado for a flash of bright yellow. At the base of the lash line Pati used tarte lights, camera, lashes™ precision longwear liquid eyeliner - with a touch of a light flick at the outer corner. She completed Allison’s eyes by well coating the lashes in tarte lights, camera, lashes™ 4-in-1 mascara.
  • For a soft and well structured lip, Pati used  Tarte  LipSurgence™ Matte Lip Tint in Lucky with a touch of Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Golden Pink layered on top.

So there you have it.  Pati's step-by-step makeup to achieve Allison Williams' "Pretty In Pink With A Flash" look.

 Allison is a hottie by nature...and with just the right amount of makeup she definitely rocked her Emmys look. But, I'm curious...+what do YOU think? Do you think she killed it?

Monday, August 25, 2014

FabFitFun Box review - #FabFitFun

FabFitFun Summer Box

Last month I attended a FabFitFun VIP event in Beverly Hills where I was able to preview and take home a FabFitFun summer box. FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box that delivers beauty, fitness, and other fun stuff right to your mailbox. It has been on my radar for a few months, so I was overjoyed to finally scope it out.

This is everything that was included in the Summer VIP box. 
PopChips - retail $1.29
Slim Fast Have Your Cake meal bar - retail $1
pur-lisse pur-protect SPF 30 - retail $55
Zoya nail polish - retail $9
Skinmate Shave Gel - $1.99
FabFitFun Water Infuser BPA-free water bottle - retail $15 
Balanced Guru No frizz Oil - $25
Thursday Friday Away Mint Clutch / Makeup Bag - retail $35
KISSTIXX Lip Balm - retail $5.99
Always  Xtra Protection Long Daily Liners - retail $1.50
Sonya Dakar Flash Facial - retail $95

for a grand total value of $245.77. sweet.

The beauty products were enough to make my heart do the riverdance. I am impressed with the range of products...all quality stuff. Lip balm by KISSTIXX for you and your partner to smooch! SONYA DAKAR!!! Zoya - vegan friendly nail polish!  

This water bottle  allows you to infuse your water with fruits and herbs or whatever you please. Love it. and love that it says "Grab life by the exercise balls." tee-hee.

This Thursday Friday clutch...adorable. 
Having been a T/F fan for sometime, I think it's one of their chicest items. Sturdy canvas, art work is strong and bright, and the gold hardware is classy and modern.
And if that weren't enough...they included a $30 giftcard.

Sonya Dakar Flash Facial. I think this is the item that really made the box least for me. As soon as I opened the box, I swear I heard angels sing.
If you're not familiar with Sonya Dakar, it's a skin clinic / day spa in Beverly Hills with a five-star reputation. During the VIP event, Sonya Dakar was there providing facials to all attendees...Of course the sign-up list filled up quickly. d'oh!

Final thoughts...
ok, so you might think my opinion is a bit biased because I was gifted the subscription box. But you'll have to take my word for it, I'm not required to write about it, I honestly wanted to share it with you because it kicks butt! This box is BEYOND worth the $49.99. HELLO - the Sonya Dakar Flash Facial is worth twice that...and the Thursday Friday Clutch with the giftcard. 
Are they nuts? maybe. But I'm not judging.

I know summer's almost over but get the summer box while you can. If you want to save $15 use this code 7746196 when you go to the FabFitFun website. I think I get $15 too...but either way. Check it out. And if you don't get the summer one...there's always Fall....I'm wondering what pretty little things will be in that one.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Kiss Of A Siren by NuMe - Best Film at 2014 La Jolla Fashion Film Festival

Kiss Of A Siren by NuMe

Because we all secretly want to be a mermaid. or at the very least, have mermaid hair. 

Legends say that the pure gold blood of mermaids holds the secret to eternal beauty. The Evil Queen hunted down their kind to extinction in her effort to stay young forever. Many have fallen in their attempts to hunt the few that remained, for the kiss of a siren is poison to all she doesn't love. 

Yeah, this film made a big splash at the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival this year. (pun intended.)...NuMe BEAT out Gucci, Prada, and all those guys. Go NuMe with your mermaid seducing ways. :)

You can tell how much heart and soul was put into this film. The makeup is on point...the body makeup is GLOWING - geez. The hair styling is gorgeous, I especially love the blonde gal's hair with the blunt bangs...and the costumes...the styling -...the whole shabang. Major props to the art director Brooke Ashe. Everyone.
Oh!!!...and the lead Makeup Artist, Anastasia Durasova was recently signed to the Wall Group. high fives girl! Obviously she's earned it. 

fun fact! The mermaid tail custom designed and created by the renowned Mertailor Eric Ducharme weighs twenty-five pounds. What the what?! Gotta love art.

I don't think I've ever been so moved by a mermaid film since The Little Mermaid...
How amazing would it have been to watch this on the silverscreen?! smacking my forehead. I am so bummed that I missed the LJFFF due to some health problems. d'oh! Did any of you go?! I'd love to hear the details!

But first things first, check out some behind the scenes photos from Kiss Of A Siren. I think it will make you appreciate the film on another level.