Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sexy Summertime Floral Dress - Pinup Style

Sexy Summertime Floral Dress - Pinup Style

Nineties floral dress - Out of The Closet, Cynthia Rowley bag - thrifted, black platform heels (similar here) - Seychelle's, Betsey Johnson leopard print earrings - Betsey Johnson, black cateye sunglasses - Express, bracelet - yard sale find and DIY

So without realizing it, most of this outfit is thrifted!

Thrift stores are great places to find true vintage items but also vintage replicas / retro inspired pieces. One of my favorite thrift store chains that I frequent here in LA and San Francisco is Out of The Closet. I scored this dress for about $5, it's no a no-namer, probably from the '90s but it fits like a glove! It's plunging neckline gives it a little bit of sexiness sexy that's alowed me to wear it in the winter for evening looks with stockings. And it's also great because during the summer I dress it down with sandals or flats. (I wore it to Hello Kitty Con last year too! see here.) 

My Cynthia Rowley bag was a find at some little thrift store in Phoenix. Brand new! Someone's trash is my treasure. :) 

And if you're wondering about my bracelet, I bought it at a yard sale and then did a little DIY by decoupaging Loteria cards on both sides.
Though this outfit has more modern pieces (even nineties is still modern to me!), I still like to think that I gave it my own pinup twist. :) 

I love love love thrift store shopping. Sure, sometimes (often)  I may wonder about germs - but that's why you can clean, wash, and disinfect your thrifted and vintage items! And ta-da! MAGIC.
Do you thrift? Share with me your most awesome finds! Or your favorite thrift stores - sharing is caring!



Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Living doll

Living Doll 

black Spense dress - Ross, vintage jewlery - gifts and thrifted,  vintage/deco pearl fly ring - c/o Chloe & Isabel, flannel - c/o Living Doll, embroidered Mary Janes - small boutique shop, black pinup handbag - c/o LuxdevilleHarrod's green velvet scarf - thrifted, Punk Glam sunglasses with Swarovski crystal accents - c/o Chilli Beans, gold leaf bobby pins - c/o HaneeLove via Instyler

Ok, confession. I wear this outfit more than I care to admit. Actually, let's be's really not that embarrassing for me. I wear this probably about once a week, hence the lint balls on the top portion of my dress. :) I don't know how I first came up with this whole ensemble, I guess I sort of threw it together when I wasn't feeling well and needed to wear something cute and comfortable to an event. This black jersey dress is extremely comfortable, I can't believe I almost left it behind at Ross. The whole mesh thing at the bottom kept throwing me off because of the whole trend thing, but something about the fit just did me in. So happy with this dress!
selfie from my instagram

photo of me and my friend Leti at the #InstylerSummer event a few weeks ago. 

And I love wearing my little chola-like mary janes mostly because they remind me of when I lived in San Francisco. But also because they go with just about everything! I can't remember the name of the little boutique where I purchased them. I do know it was some place in Whittier.But, don't worry because if you must absolutely have them, you can find them at little shops at Chinatown in most big cities for only $5 or $10. Urban Outfitters even used to sell them, of course for like twice the price.
The flannel bolero type thing is from Living Doll Clothing. I think it's meant to be worn drapey and in a grungey/hipster style, but I like wearing it tied up and cropped, sort of like a little bolero or shrug. :) 
I've also been wearing this little green turban quite often, it's a little change from my big blue bow but still makes a statement. I just feel naked without stuff in my hair or on my head. :) 

You ever feel like that? Like if you don't wear a certain item you feel naked? 


Friday, July 24, 2015

Pinup Beauty Favorites - July

beauty products

Eau de Gaga
c/o Eau de Gaga

You may not have realized that Lady Gaga has a new fragrance. No, not FAME, which I completely went gaga over - I honestly love that sweet and flirty perfume so much I even have the purse-friendly roller ball. But Lady Gaga's newest fragrance Eau de Gaga is a completely different kind of scent. It is unisex. And honestly, I didn't realized that at first when I was being sent the bottle - I just figured, her previous fragrance was lovely, so this one would be as well. 

When I first spritzed Eau de Gaga from the simple yet elegant bottle, my jaw dropped. Really, it smells that delicious. It embodies all the musky qualities I enjoy in men's fragrances but also adding a subtle sweet and soft powdery elegance of women's fragrances (but not fruity or candy-like).
I was so excited because sometimes unisex fragrances are more of a daytime, let's-go-splash-around-on-the-beach type of scents. Not this one! It's sensual and I know it will captivate so many hearts both on the feminine and masculine sides. How do I know this? Well, Roni (my girlfriend) heard me shriek in delight and walked over to experience the scent for herself. I said to her, "You have to try this." She spritzed Eau de Gaga, and her eyes opened wide with amazement and she gasped in sheer pleasure. Now, Roni is very particular about things she wears. They must be masculine. She and I both love Eau de Gaga, sometimes I wear it, sometimes she wears it. :)  

Though it is a modern fragrance, I'll go ahead and say it is Dapper and Pinup approved! ♥

Notes - sparkling lime. bergamot, white violet, leather, and woody.

Actually surprised it's not carried at Bloomingdale's or similar stores.
But, you can find it at Target, Kohl's, and Amazon.


Luminess AirSupremacy Airbrush Blush
c/o Luminess

A few weeks ago, I made my way over to Beauty Con. It was insanely crowded, somehow I managed to check out a few brands, Luminess being one of them. Now, if you aren't familiar with Luminess, they are best known for their user-friendly airbrush makeup system. Oh, now you remember! - yes, the ones you've seen on T.V.!
Well, they were at Beauty Con promoting their AirSupremacy Airbrush Blush.
I'll be honest, I'm usually skeptical of beauty products that promise an airbrush finish from a can. Why? Because most of the time they don't spray out evenly or they spray too much and it's a gunky mess. Or you have to spray on a sponge or brush first, then it's like...what's the point? You, know what I mean? I'm not alone here, am I?

While chatting with Luminess, I sprayed it on my hand and it seemed to distribute evenly. I even witnessed the Luminess rep apply it directly to my friend's cheeks...and still I was unsure, but of course kept it to myself.
Thankfully Luminess was kind enough to give me a sample of the Air Supremacy Airbrush Blush in Soft Rose to try out at home.

And so I did, I shook the can and sprayed it directly onto my cheeks, a few inches away of course. :)
Verdict: I'm pleased. It distributes evenly and with a light flow, and opacity is subtle and buildable.
Looks like a natural flush to the cheeks.

Coming soon!

Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME Collection

c/o Schwarzkopf

You know what I love about professional haircare line Schwarzkopf?
I love that they tend to create collections that are easily available to the general public, meaning they are affordable and without skimping out on quality and performance. So even though, you can purchase Schwarzkopf at the drugstore and mass retailers, you still get a stellar product.
Schwarzkopf's latest collection is a collaboration with supermodel and beauty icon Claudia Schiffer. Together they designed styliste ULTIME with high-performing micro-flex technology so you can achieve iconic looks. (I'd like to think Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, and Bettie Page! ha!) 

There are four lines to choose from:

  • Biotin + Volume & Vitality
  • Satin Frizz Control & Protect
  • Crystal Shine & Hold
  • Elastin Curls & Moisture

The three products I am currently playing around with are the Crystal Shine & Hold Heat Protection Spray, Biotin Volume & Vitality Root Lift Spray, and the Diamond Color & Radiance Boost Tonic
I am enjoying all of them so much. 
But my number one is the Biotin Volume & Vitality Root Lift Spray because I can use all the hair vitamins I can get! And runner up is the Diamond Color & Radiance Boost Tonic because it leaves my hair shiny and smelling yummy. But don't feel bad for the Crystal Shine & Hold Heat Protection Spray I love it too because it is currently protecting my hair from the abuse I put it through when curling my hair. :)

If you want to give the new Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME Collection a whirl, it is sold exclusively at Wal-Mart.

Josie Maran Argan Enlightenment Illuminizing Veil

Have you tried Josie Maran's natural and eco-friendly skincare and cosmetics line?
I have always wanted to, but just now getting around to it. She takes great pride in being a luxury cosmetics line, "Luxury with a conscience." All of the Josie Maran products are made with 100% Argan Oil, which is a multi-tasking oil rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

For my very first dance with Josie Maran I am trying out the Argan Enlightenment Illuminizing Powder Veil. If you're like me, you hear "powder" and think, "well how creamy can it be? And will it leave a cakey and powdery finish?"
How quickly we forget  it's infused with Argan Oil! It's actually a bit of a mindbender as to how it actually works so well. So, you swatch it and think, "wow, this is one creamy and velvety highlighter." And because of the Argan Oil, you might think your face is going to be all greaseball. But, no. I tried it on several areas of my face and it actually performed like magic on my oily skin, minimized my shine! This product is amazing and gives a nice, healthy glow to your skin. Creamy enough to wear without makeup. The radiance it gives is perfect for everyday wear and I find it to go well with my pinup look.

I'm a fan!



Whish Soda Fountain Collection - body butters
c/o Whish

Whish has become one of my favorite beauty/brands. They use all natural and organic products.(I've mentioned them before here and here.)
Recently launched the Whish Soda Fountain Collection of Body Butters. They come in 4 scents.
Key Lime, Ginger Melon, Black Cherry, and Orange Cream. 
These indulgent creams are made with organic shea butter, organic raspberry butter, organic aloe which soften and replenish the skin.
My current favorite is Key Lime, it really does smell like key lime but a little more on the refreshing side. Love these indulgent creams. They make me want to go sit at a soda fountain and sip some sweets with my sweets. :)

Now these body butters come in glorious 16 oz bottles for $15 at the Nordstrom Anniversary SaleNormally, Whish's body butters come in 5 oz. and are $24.

Have you tried any of the Whish products before? If so tell me your favorites! Or which ones you are dying to try!

c/o L'oreal

How many of you are vampires out there? By vampire I mean, you sort of hate the sun and avoid it as much as possible. If so, we have something in common. I would describe myself as a vampire who loves to hang at the beach but worries about sunburns, skin cancer, wrinkles, dry skin and the list goes on and on. 
Even when it's just out to walk our little Frenchie, I slather myself in SPF, face, neck, hands, any skin that is exposed. I've tried several brands of SPF. However, L'OREAL has become my ride or die chick. I can honestly say in my experience that I do NOT burn when I wear it.

A couple of months ago I attended the #ItsThatWorthIt L'OREAL event where several women (including Diane Keaton) shared their personal experiences with Melanoma (the deadliest form of skin cancer). They stressed the importance of wearing Broad Spectrum SPF. Though I have considered myself obsessed with protecting my skin from the sun, I now try to carry a bottle of sunscreen in my purse and reapply as often as I can remember! (L'OREAL recommends reapplying SPF every 80 minutes.)
Since I usually wear L'OREAL SPF products, I decide I might as well try the face creams / moisturizers. So these last two months I've been wearing L'OREAL Youth Code which is a Dark Spot Corrector with Broad Spectrum SPF 30, and the Age Perfect Cell Renewal with Broad Spectrum SPF 30. Both are rich and creamy yet they don't leave my face greasy. I've mostly been using Age Perfect for day use. So far so good.
Ok, I know I rambled on about SPF, but I hope that you are protecting your skin and your health by wearing some! 

♥ ♥ ♥

Please let me know if you have tried or are currently using any of the products I mentioned in this post. I would love to hear about your experiences. :) 

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top Beauty Picks

It's that time again! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is going on now through August 2nd!

They always have such great deals going on...You can easily find me in the shoe department or the beauty department...duh.

Here are my top beauty picks or wishlist items this time around.

Blame it on NARS cheek palette

The 'Blame It On Nars' cheek palette is contains four of Nars' shades and paired travel size kabuki brush.
Colors are:
Satellite of Love for highlighting
Blush in Day Dream
Blush in New Altitude
Bronzing powder in Casino

Beautiful colors for that summer glow. 

$59 ($160 value)


Because you can never have enough Beauty Blenders. I adore the beauty blender sponges so much and am truly amazed at how well the cleanser works! This set comes with a pink beauty blender, a black beauty blender, and the amazing blendercleanser.
If you are using the beauty blender, you need to start...NOW! Helps you achieve a flawless finish when applying makeup.

$37 ($56 value)


I probably need this. Because LORAC eyeshadows are incredible. They are one of my go to brands for eyeshadows. The color payoff / pigment is stellar and this palette has a marvelous array of seven matte and shimmer shades.

Wait a minute...I just realized this is only $15.

($133 value)

MAC Shade and Sculpt Set

Impressed by the sophisticated all black handles in this MAC brush set. The convenient travel size is great for quick little weekend getaways. Plus don't you love this image?

Makeup Brush Set includes:
 129SE Powder/Blush Brush
190SE Foundation Brush
195SE Concealer Brush
239SE Eyeshadow Brush
211SE Pointed Liner Brush
224SE Tapered Blending Brush
Neoprene Cosmetics Bag

$52.50 ($170 value)

Nuface Pinktini
This has actually been on my wishlist ever since I had the best facial of my life at Ko'An Med spa. (Thank you!) So what does the Nu Face actually do? This handy little device trains/massages your face to prevent aging and sagging skin. It lifts and tones facial muscles with microcurrent technology. I didn't even know it came in pink! how cute. :) The Trinity Pinktini set comes with a gel primer. 

$275 (a $325 value)

T3 Compact Styling Set

Kinda digging this T3 blowdryer and flatiron set, mainly because I broke my flatiron! - I think I dropped it while seriously will not turn on. :(
I've used T3 brushes and I am pretty happy with the results. And everyone always raves about T3 styling tools. This blowdryer is lightweight and compact which essentially means it folds and won't take up too much space in your kit or luggage. The flatiron promises you smooth and sleek hair with one pass. 

$150 for the set ($229 value)

Seriously guys, no joke, I can get lost for hours in the beauty department at Nordstrom...but also thank goodness for being able to shop the Anniversary Sale online with free shipping!
Do you see anything you are thinking of getting for yourself or someone else?

Monday, July 20, 2015



What I wore:
Pinup nautical theme dress (Jodi style) - c/o Voodoo Vixen, Steve Madden sandals - c/o Lulu*s, Bamboo bag - Cult Gaia, black shawl - Marshall's, Oversized cateye sunglasses - Express,  vintage/deco pearl fly ring - c/o Chloe & Isabel, gold floral earrings - c/o Ilaments, black vintage bangle - thrifted

Major heatwave here in Southern California. It's been wacky. 90 degrees and then it rains and then it's hot again and raining again. I wore this cute pinup dress before it started pouring! It is perfect though because the fabric is not too thin and not too thick. And major brownie points - this dress not only has cap sleeves, but it also has pockets!!! hooray. Probably the cutest nautical themed dress I've ever worn or seen. And wouldn't you say the sweetheart neckline adds just the right touch of romance?
If you've been following me on snapchat (@marlitacupcake) or instagram, then you  might have seen me talking about converting the belt that came with the dress into a headband. No special tricks, just wrapped it around my noggin and tucked in the ends. I couldn't bare to wear my hair down another minute so I threw my hair up and stuck bobby pins anywhere they would fit! And for extra flair/ functional fashion, I decided to wear a lightweight shawl in case it rained and turns out that was a pretty smart idea! 

How are you staying cool in your neck of the woods? Do you have a pool? If so, I'm jealous. 


Thursday, July 16, 2015


Our voices were heard! Fellow Latinas and fans of Selena Quintanilla!

via MAC Facebook

MAC announced earlier this morning that they are working on a SELENA collection!
So flippin' excited. I wonder what the packaging will look like...what products there will be - I'm thinking at least a couple of shades of vibrant red lipsticks and lipliners - brow products - I don't know. And think of the cute names inspired by her songs that these products will have! Perhaps "Amor Prohibido" for a red lipstick, "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" for some soft pink blush, "I could fall in Love" for some black eyeliner. 
Oh, the possibilities with all the makeup!

What would you like to see in the MAC Selena Collection that launches in 2016?


Thursday, July 2, 2015

HILTON Garden Inn Getaway Hawaii Contest

This post is in partnership with Hilton Garden Inn.

(c) 2015 Hilton Garden Inn

Do you find yourself daydreaming of a getaway this summer? Well, listen to this.
Hilton Garden Inn is encouraging travelers to follow their roadtrippin', jetsetting, adventurer daydreams. So how exactly are they doing this? Hilton Garden Inn is giving away a sweet HAWAII getaway to one lucky person! 

Here's what you do to enter this contest:

  • Go to one of the Hilton Garden Inn Getaway Tour stops
    • Los Angeles
      • Hollywood. Chinese Theatre. July 3rd. 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.
      • Santa Monica Pier. 4th of July. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.
    • Chicago
      • September 4-5 (location to be announced)
    • Dallas
      • September 25-26 (location to be announced)
  • Have someone snap your photo with one of the Garden Greeters. (Garden Greeters will dressed in flowers, leaves, garden moss, and other live materials.)
  • Upload your photo to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and use the hashtags #HGIGardenGetaway and #entry.

The Garden Getaway Tour will be there to chat with you about their hotels and give away travel prizes. I'm  pretty sure I'll make it to one of the stops here in L.A. If you see me and my big bow, come say hello!

Good luck everyone! Happy travels.

And, just for fun...
I'd take my girlfriend and pack a bunch of cute pinup outfits.
If you were to win, what would you pack for your Hawaii trip? And who would be your lucky travel companion?

Disclosure: Though, I am not receiving monetary compensation, I will be receiving a gift from Garden Inn Hotels for my time. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Pinup Beauty Favorites - June

Here are my Pinup Beauty Favorites for the month of June.

Lauren B. Beauty nail polish in Hollywood Royalty

c/o Lauren B. Beauty

I love nailpolish and the entire ritual of giving myself an at home manicure. It makes me feel feminine and sexy, and I love that. Also, you ever feel like when your nails have a splash of color it  adds a more polished look to your overall appearance? I do.
Lately I've been loving this shade of vampy purple Hollywood Royalty from Lauren B. Beauty. The hints of gold in this color give it a nod to the 1920s. At least, I would like to think so. ;)
Very happy with the durability on this one, doesn't chip easily - though I do suggest using a topcoat for added security and shine.
Are you guys on snapchat? I did a little snap today with this and the light really caught the vibrancy! :) (find me at @marlitacupcake)

Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in So Marilyn
c/o Charlotte Tilbury

Makes sense that Charlotte Tilbury would name this shade daring shade of red, So Marilyn. This red is so classic and timeless, goes hand in hand with your pinup inspired Marilyn Monroe looks. ;) I'm enamored with everything that I've tried from Charlotte Tilbury's line so far, and this lipstick is no exception. The lipstick applies smoothly, a sort of creamy matte...but not super matte. Lips still look soft. 

Eylure Eyelashes - Enchanted Collection
Enchanted eyelashes in Poise- c/o Eylure

Of course pinup looks aren't complete without some fluttery lashes. Eylure recently launched their new collection of false eyelashes named Enchanted. Aw, you'll feel like a fairy-tale pinup princess in styles like Elegant, Poise, Grace, and Charm. I appreciate the subtle depth and texture of the everyday wearable lashes in the style Poise.
The Enchanted Collection will be available at Ulta very soon. 
Ulta - $5-8

EcoBrow by Marco Ochoa
Eyebrow defining wax and brush - c/o Ecobrow

If you follow me on instagram, then you've heard me rave about ecobrow. Ecobrow was created by world-renowned eybrow expert/artist Marco Ochoa. Ecobrow is a line of eyebrow defining wax that is available in four shades that pay homage to four of Marco's favorite Hollywood icons: Blonde (Marilyn), Auburn (Rita), Brunette (Penelope), and Dark Brunette (Liz). How clever, right?
You'll dig this product if you're obsessed with having a full brow in true pinup style. And you'll jump for joy if you're into ecobeauty. It's 100% natural and available at Sephora. 
Sephora - $26

Kat Von D. unlock-it makeup remover wipes

Kat Von D's Unlock-It Makeup Remover wipes are perfect for traveling, quick sprucing up after the gym for an impromptu date, or maybe you're just too tired to wash your face. It is essential for you to have a clean face before sleeping and before applying your makeup. These wipes are currently on the top of my list. I'm a huge fan because they're oil-free, and that means less breakouts and pore-clogging and I don't want any of that business. But I also love them because they seriously take off all my makeup. I remove all of my face makeup first, then eye makeup, and then lipstick - so I don't smear bright red lipstick all over my face...yeah, I've done it before. haha! But yeah, I recommend Kat Von D.'s makeup remover wipes. Next time you're in Sephora swatching your arms like crazy (me), grab a sample from the Kat Von D. section and you'll see.
Also, I'm a sucker for packaging and all things Kat Von there's that. 
Oil-free. Paraben-free. Fragrance free. 
Sephora - $15

♥ ♥ ♥
It's ok that the month is almost over and these are my pinup beauty picks for the month of June...because, really I love them for other months too!
Have you tried any of these products yet? Or perhaps you have some pinup beauty favorites you'd love to share. Let's chat in the comments below! I'd love to hear your thoughts. xoxo

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Lady Gaga's French Bulldog Miss Asia Kinney for Coach Campaign - #coachpups


Have you seen Lady Gaga's French Bulldog? Well if you haven't. You're about to see her everywhere. Miss Asia Kinney is in the new Coach Campaign, Coach Pups.
Being a Frenchie mom myself, this melted my heart! Frenchies and Fashion...get out of here. (plus Asia looks a lot like our pup Mabel.) This has to be Coach's cutest and sweetest campaign ever.
Asia is the first little pup in a series featuring canine stars photographed by Steven Meisel. The campaign #CoachPups will officially launch in July with online, print, and outdoor media all over the world. This will include  Instameets, special talks,events, and of course online activities for fellow doggy lovers. Coach is also taking this opportunity to debut their Snapchat in July. Oh, please show lots of doggies in your snaps!

 And yes, the little pups are promoting fashion...but Coach is also promoting awareness to rescuing doggies. They've made a donation to The Chicago French Bulldog Rescue on behalf of Miss Asia Kinney and Lady Gaga. Let's just say it was a pretty generous amount.
I'm all about rescuing and adopting doggies. That's how we got our sweet little pup.
And I think I'll be shopping more at Coach now. Asia has some great picks from the fall collection. Like now I'm eyeing the Mini Rhyder 33 Satchel...maybe I can fit Mabel in there. :)

So what about you, do you have a doggy? Or are you doggy lover? What do you think about this new campaign.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Masculine Vibes - June Grooming Picks

Masculine Vibes. 

Whether you are Mr. Masculine or you just prefer a masculine and minimal grooming routine, I haven't forgotten about you!
Here are my top men's grooming picks for the month of June.

1. Burt's Bee's Shave Cream
c/o Burt's Bees

Natural skincare products for men can sometimes be hard to find. But thanks to Burt's Bees they are super accessible now.  Their Shave Cream is awesome because it has chamomile and calendula that help reduce inflammation and irritation. It's also pH balanced, sulfate-free, and has tons hydrating and moisturizing benefits.
You can shop the no frills brand at retailers like Target, Walgreen's, or and pick up this shave cream for about $8. 

2. Philip B. Lovin' Pomade
c/o Philip B.

Philip B. has come to be one of my favorite go-to brands in my professional kit. I love the pleasant and subtle scent the Philip B. Lovin' Pomade as well as the semi-matte finish it leaves when hair is styled. The water-based formula is easy to work with and not sticky! - $26

3. La Roche-Posay Primer

You don't wear makeup because you choose not to, you have sensitive skin, or you get oily throughout the day. Here you go - The La Roche-Posay Anthelios Primer is for you. It smooths out your skin texture but doesn't clog pores. Plus there are anti-aging benefits, and the Broad Spectrum  SPF 50 is obviously cool. 

La Roche-Posay, Target  $27-$39

4. Nail Clippers

This one should be a no-brainer. :) Keeping your nails nicely groomed not only looks great, but is hygienic...that's the most important part! And good news is you can pick up a pair of clippers for less than a dollar at most drugstores. I always keep them pretty stocked around the house and in my makeup kits.
I believe I picked up this pair at Walgreen's for only $.99.

5. Mario Badescu Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 30
c/o Mario Badescu

Even if you're not big into grooming or makeup and all that jazz, moisturizer should be a part of your daily routine. It is a part of good skin health, and if there is a broad-spectrum SPF in your moisturizer then you are winning at life.
Mario Badescu Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 30 is for combination, oily, and sensitive skin types. And just because it's oil-free doesn't mean it lacks the moisturizing benefits. This little guy packs a punch with Aloe Vera and Green Tea Extract. I am a huge fan of Mario Badescu products because they are packed with goodness, aren't gimmicky, and don't test on animals...oh, and they have something for every skin type and concern. - $28

♥ ♥ ♥

Do you use any of these products already? Or do you have any recommendations for new products? I'm always on the hunt for products that I can add to my professional kit...but also for Roni, because she rocks the masculine vibe.


Monday, June 22, 2015

Style Festival - Refinery 29 x Simon

Style Festival

(images above c/o Refinery 29 & Simon)

This last Saturday Brea Mall celebrated their second year of the Refinery 29 and Simon collaboration by hosting the kickoff. This year they called it Style Festival a quirky change from last year's Shopping Block.
So what is Style Festival and who is it for?
Partners Refinery 29 and Simon wanted to reach millennials that are drawn to the music festival scene or you know, festival fashion. 
So they're presenting you with SIX stops of Style Festival.
Music, Style, Beauty, and DIY fun!
They're pretty clever at how they arranged everything to be interactive, just like at an actual music festival...only a little more intimate.

Here's what went down here in L.A. this year.

Sound Stage

The sound stage featured the sounds of Ms. Mr. (loved them, I didn't know who they were prior to learning about the event. But I immediately fell in love with them. Great live performance!)

 Style Stage

The style stage featured independent and emerging designers alongside major established brands. I found this year's style setup to be more fluid and organic. Shops Whimsy and Row, Bear Cat Vintage, Hanna Hayes, Blossom Vintage had their own area styled with their merchandise. Along side and not overpowering/outshining were displays featuring brands like Guess, H&M, Ann Taylor, and Banana Republic. Everything was styled and curated to the T.

DIY Stage

The DIY stage offered T-shirts that guests were able to customize to their liking by embellishing with studs, safety pins, patches, and more. I added safety pins to mine. :)

Beauty Stage

The beauty stage offered hair styling with two options - braids or loose waves. And flowers! Oh, and also Flash Tattoos. :)

For more behind the scenes photos, check out Brea Mall's instagram! They let me and other fellow bloggers takeover their instagram account during the event. :) So fun!

Like I mentioned earlier, there are SIX Style Festival Stops.
Brea, CA - June 20 
Austin, TX- June 27
Miami, FL - July 11
Philadelphia, PA - July 25
Burlington, MA - August 1
D.C. - August 8

Hope you'll make it to one of the stops! You can follow along on instagram (@simonmalls and @refinery29) and tag your posts! I would love to see what you find at your stop.

#R29StyleFestival and #FoundAtSimon. 

And sidenote - aren't those two pieces adorable from Whimsy and Row? Perfect for a pinup attending a music festival. 


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored or required post.  I did receive gift cards for attending the event and posting on Brea Mall's instagram. All opinions and thoughts are entirely my own.