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Sharpe Suiting - everything you've wanted to know!

Sharpe Suiting believes that your suit should fit...regardless of gender, size, body type, or how you identify. They ask you all the right questions to make sure you get the custom tailor made suit of your dreams. 

But wait...there's more...Sharpe Suiting is kickstarting a campaign to bring Ready To Wear fashion to you/us/me/everyone. happy. happy. joy-joy! I know in my heart that they will meet their goal...not only is there a need for more queer friendly fashion...but when the style meets exceeds our's a given that it will happen! it will. it will! 

You can't get enough, can you?...yeah, me neither. That's why I had to interview the founder, Leon and the Promotions Director/Stylist, Vanessa FOR EVERYTHING YOU'VE EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SHARPE SUITING! (insert big cheesy grin and applause.)
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

So incredible that SS will be an e-commerce site with RTW fashion! Beyond stoked.

Vanessa : 
Yes, we are too! Hopefully we will reach our goal! Fundraising is a lot of work gurl!

Was wondering a few things...
What can we expect as far as price range for the site?
(Perhaps an example...bow tie? Tux?)

Good question. Our RTW collection will of course cost less than our custom services and still less than a lot of our competitors. Our RTW 2-piece suits will retail for around $650-$750. I think we will offer separates of certain styles as well. If so, should anyone need a tux jacket to go, they can just come to the studio or order online and know that it will fit way better than just buying or renting one from the ‘Men’s Suithouse’. All of our Ready-to-Wear pieces (including our bow-ties) were designed with masculine of center/ masculine presenting women in mind, so the fit will be better around the bust, and minimize curves at the hip and waist, while still fitting well in the crotch and shoulders. We took the time to analyze all of our data from over 100 custom suiting clients, listened to their desires and feedback, and put a lot of both science and care into the collection’s design. There were a lot of fitting notes!

-The bow-ties are made in conjunction with Gold Coast Goods, a California-based tie company that hand sews each tie! We carefully selected the fabric and styles for the dapper diamond, blue bandana bow-ties and ‘the skinny’ necktie. They were also constructed with a smaller band and smaller height to fit female bodied clients better. No more bunching up in the back or looking like the tie is going to eat your face! (Although I do like a big, fat 70’s bow-tie sometimes. Maybe we’ll design one of those too! It’s all about what the clients want, we are open to suggestion! The beauty is that it will still fit better.) As they are limited edition runs of each fabric and hand-made in California, each tie is a little more special than just buying one elsewhere. They will retail around $75 each.

What is the current approx cost of a custom tailor made suit?

A Sharpe custom suit ranges anywhere from $900 to $1400 depending on fabric selection and how many bells and whistles you want. The extent and quality of personalized tailoring for each suit will however remain the same for each client. You can customize everything from lower/ higher waistband, jean or regular slant pockets, to tapered/slim fit or straight leg/ regular fit. Our prices are lower than many other regular and even queer-friendly tailors if you do some research.

I'm so bad...wondering...Is your current headquarters open to the public? Appointment only?

We are currently in our CEO’s studio in Silverlake. It is appointment only until we get a storefront, which is what we will do if we reach a stretch goal on our kickstarter. What’s a stretch goal? Just imagine someone sprinting across the finish line, but trying to push a little further passed their goal to go for the Mega-gold. (Spandex optional). Essentially if we reach a certain amount past our goal, we can consider this option.
location and appointment info!

Do you have future plans for a brick and mortar in LA?
Yes! We are currently looking at many spaces on the East Side. Echo Park, Highland Park, Silverlake, dtla to get an idea or price range. We want a space where our tailor, sewing machines, samples, and consultations can all be in one spot. This would increase production and turnaround time and make things so much easier for the team. What I am envisioning from this highly coveted storefront is not only a place where people can get suited, but which can also double as a space for possible pop ups, suiting demos, and community art/ fashion shows (if the boss will let me!). A lot of what we do involves sharing and involving our community. Sadly though, everything is like $3-$5 a square foot around here though (yipes!), but we are still looking around!
From your current customers...what do you see as the most popular style of suit?

Most customers are leaning toward a slimmer fit suit. This is by far the most asked question during consultations: ‘can you make it slim fit even though I have hips?’ The answer is yes. Other than that, there is a wiiiiide range of interests and styles that we have accommodated: ‘Can you make me a vintage, old-timey pinstripe Boardwalk Empire suit?’ Yes. ‘I want a Norfolk English Countrymen’s suit as true as possible to the original’. Yes. ‘I need a basic blue suit. I don’t even care, just as long as it fits and my wife likes it.’ ‘I need a mad scientist inspired suit for a drag performance number.’ ‘I’m going to the Oscar’s!’ Yes.Yes.Yes and Yes!

If you had a crystal ball...what do you see as being your best seller on the site?

Vanessa :
I think the tux will be a hit. So many people just need an awesome fancy, black tux right away for an event. I think one should always have one good-fitting tux in their closet, it mixes and matches with anything. You can always dress it up or down depending on the event.

Model search. I hear it's happening tonight!...What if a person can't make it to your event...could they send pictures?  Or will you hold similar contests/events in the future?

We will probably hold similar contests in the future as we have recently had a ton of model requests to go through! Wow, we kind of knew it would catch on, but the response was beyond what we can handle right now with all this fundraising going on. That just shows the need and want for more queer models! We are so grateful for the all the responses and do think it’s important to celebrate queer, trans butch, and masculine of center models as we don’t see enough of them in the mainstream media. There have been a few progressive campaigns and companies recently, but there still is a long way to go. That’s why I included this in the copy:


We believe there aren’t enough queer-friendly clothing companies or queer/trans/masculine of center models represented out there to create the visibility we need for this new frontier of fashion. Let’s prove them wrong!

*We are currently capped on models for the 12th, but yes, we’d love to do another scout in the future as we wish we could accommodate all the requests and see all these handsome faces!

Here is all the info for our Nov. 12 Model Search and Trivia Nite (please come if you can, it’s our last fundraiser party for our kickstarter!): MODEL SEARCH INFO!

If you could dress one person in a formal custom/tailor made suit...who would it be?...and what style would you dress them in?

I would dress the lovely Peaches in a Scottish Tartan red plaid suit with velvet shawl lapel and skinny tapered leg. And a sheer black ruffled blouse (yes, I said blouse. I like mixing feminine and masculine) and a black suede mini southern tie. Oh wait, now I want that!

oh, very nice.  touché. touché.

Rachel Maddow, we'd love to complement your intellect with a subtle but ‘no-nonsense’ classic midnight blue custom 2-piece Sharpe suit with brown buttons to match your hair and eye tone. You have a country to save; let us worry about your wardrobe. In the Village Voice years ago, you said, "I’m no Anchor-babe, and I’m never going to be.” And, seriously, Sharpe wouldn’t want you to be either. We love you just the way you are! Let’s rock your Sharpe self.

Right on!

Wow, were you just hittng on Rachel Maddow? How come you never talk to me like that?

Haha! oh, the love!
Now...If you could dress one person in a more casual RTW attire...who would it be? And what style would you dress them in? 

Hillary Clinton in the not-so-basic-businessman grey suit. Let’s really fit her for the sharks in the oval office! She can still spice up the grey with her signature bright colors. That’s the beauty of a good grey suit! Get ‘em Hillary! No more polyester! (And please come to our Pantsuit, Inc. nite! The cholo fried rice and good times are on me! Pantsuit Inc.

You had me at cholo fried rice.

I can hardly resist the urge to put LP in a Sharpe RTW black tuxedo to wear on the red carpet. After all those years of writing beautiful music, now it’s her time to shine—to be seen—and heard!  LP looks charming in that black blazer of hers; the Sharpe black tux would be a glamorous extension.

Please  tell me that you are just kidding around about the MACGUYVER man bag being limited edition. I declare an encore.

Oh man, I went bonkers for this bag and this company. Working with Mai Lei Robinson and Lindsay Medoff on this custom edition of the Robinson ABC tool roll was amazing. We had so much fun trying to figure out what to put in it. When they said they’d throw in a wrench and custom hanky, we just wanted to keep them all for ourselves. It can either be a butch bag to go with all your tools in it, or you can let your lady/ladyboy use it for all her make-up brushes, or tailoring or hairstylist tools, etc.! Perfect for any professional on the go. Strap it on the back of your motorbike and roll. It’s hand-made out of 100% waxed canvas so it breaks in really nicely! Check out more on Robinson ABC here.

Marlita: Anything else you'd like to add?

We put a lot of care, time, and effort into this kickstarter, both in developing the product all the way down to crafting the all TV show-themed copy. We involved many queer businesses in collaborations with our products and rewards offered. I know it seems like a lot of money, but that’s what it takes to get us to the next phase of business and to continue to produce crafted, queer-friendly goods. We hope to grow with and give back to our community as we have done from the start. Well, so long as I have a say in it. (Check out all of our community events and involvement here! I put my heart and soul and many times obsess about projects, and this was no exception. I hope it shows and I hope people appreciate it.

People can see our story, video, rewards and donate here!(please feel free to share as well!)

I’m so grateful for everyone who has donated thus far, even down to just one dollar, as it shows that we do have strength collectively in numbers. And even more so, how we can affect and make change in an industry that has no real market for what we are doing. Things are changing, and Sharpe wants to be at the forefront of this revolution. I want to literally just clothes-line all the racks in the department stores with poly-blend, princess-lined, double darted, flared-bottom tops (do women even like these?), and replace them with clothing that fits better, looks better, and feels better, no matter how you identify. (I’m stopping myself here, I could rant forever).

♥ ♥ ♥Wow! what a fun and informative interview with Sharpe Suiting! Thanks guys!

And thanks to everyone for reading, supporting, and all of your love.

Marlita and the Sharpe Suiting gang

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center.

Ever think of trying out the Hydrafacial, BodyFx, Lumenis IPL (photofacial), or Plus by Inmode ?
Well, not to worry...because I was your guinea can thank #LLBLOG for putting me in the hands of Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center. :) 

I decided that on my first visit I would start with the Hydrafacial. Because after all, the face is what everyone sees first...and I am the first one to see it in the morning! 
but wait, you probably want to know what the Hydrafacial actually does and what it is.
It is a resurfacing procedure that pampers your skin in the best way...and your probably thinking, "Does it involve going under the knife, or some type of injections?"...Nope. It's non-invasive and non-surgical procedure that treats your skin by cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and hydration.

Before and after of the Hydrafacial. 

First photo is me prior to the HydraFacial...No makeup no nothing...well except for a little bit of eyebrow stuff.  You can see all of my yucky pores and crazy blemishes from stress.

Second photo is me post the major breakouts are smoothed down (if that makes sense). pores are smaller. skin appears more radiant...don't let the the redness fool you, it's to be expected and normal. The redness usually disappears within a few hours.

For optimal results you should give the HydraFacial a whirl at least once a month for a few months.

oh, and this is super gross...well, ok...I admit's really cool. During the exfoliation and extraction the hydrafacial collects all the gunk that was in your skin. here's a photo of mine...

During the same visit I decided to jump right in and do the BodyFx.
BodyFx reshapes and contracts the body without being invasive...nice!
I was actually really stoked to try this out because I have a round belly that even when I've been thin just seems to stay put...
The gals at Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center advised me that keeping up with this procedure every few weeks would tone my belly down. I believe it. 

They use this machine that reminds me of a mixer without the detachable thingys. :) Radiofrequency heats the skin for reduction, contraction and bodyshaping...Ok, maybe it sounds scary. And even my technician said it may hurt a little. But in my experience it felt like a hot massage with a little bit of tingling.

Here's a photo of prior BodyFx and post one treatment of BodyFx.  The second photo was taken just a few days after. :)

And now for my second visit to BHRC.

We started off with the IPL also known as the photofacial.

IPL...Intense Pulse light Photofacial.
This procedure helps with the removal of tattoos, minimizing the appearance of scars, removing unwanted hair, reducing redness due to Rosacea, and more. Also a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure. However, there is an intense light working it's magic therefore you are required to wear special goggles.

Photo prior to the IPL / Photofacial. I have nothing on my skin with the exception of moisturizer and spf. Although, I did take these with my crappy phone...the lighting was pretty awesome in the car. :) 

check me out with the fancy goggles. 

Post Hydrafacial

And last but certainly not least is the PLUS by Inmode. It's advanced body remodeling for lax skin. So let's say for instance you want to soften the appearance of wrinkles and tighten your skin. This may be for you. Many people get the PLUS procedure to minimize their double chin, remove folds/wrinkles in the knees, inner thighs, or to lessen the appearance of "backfat." But you each their own...whatever makes you happy. As for me, I wanted to give it a go for my double chin. I'm very self conscious about it.

PLUS is yet another non-invasive procedure that delivers radio-frequency energy. Collagen production is stimulated for body remodeling. Depending on how tight or loose your skin is determines how many times this procedure is recommended for you. 

My doctor did warn me that there might be a teeny bit of swelling afterwards...which did occur. But, at the same time my chin did feel tighter. I would love to go back for another treatment.

ta-da! there you have it! I definitely enjoyed experiencing all of these favorites would have to be the Hydrafacial and the BodyFx. My goal is to go back before Christmas. I want amazing and radiant skin!...and I know BHRC can help get me there.

Check them out on Facebook, instagram, and even twitter. :)  I hope you learned a few things Let me know if you are considering any of these services...or if you've had any of these? Thoughts, questions, answers, comments...all appreciated.



Thanks to #LLBLOG for providing me with this opportunity. Thanks to Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center for providing such amazing services.
Also...Please excuse the poor lighting in some of the photos...and I had to work with the camera from my phone at time.  #LLBLOGSPA

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

LAVANILA the healthy fragrance

LAVANILLA the healthy fragrance

A fragrance that is good for you? LAVANILA Laboratories has you covered. They make some incredibly delicious smelling products that are healthy...yeah, you read that right. HEALTHY. They are the first to introduce natural science into a fine fragrance....fancy. hello magical anti-oxidants get into my life! 

And I'm letting you in on a little secret...I have a bit of an obsession with fragrances... so I did a little cartwheel or two (in my head) when Lavanila sent over the Fresh Vanilla Lemon fragrance. 
I was eager to try it out and learn so many things about it.

LAVANILA fresh vanilla lemon is made with:

essential oils
active botanicals
Olive leaf extract
pure Madagascar vanilla
30 essential vitamins and minerals!
19 amino acids

LAVANILA fragrances do not have parabens, aluminum, mineral oils, petrochemicals, silicone, or synthetic dyes. high five, yes indeed.

Overall thoughts and confessions on the LAVANILA fragrance in fresh vanilla lemon:

It has a slightly sweet note, citrus-y scent, with an elegant softness....It also has a lightness and freshness about it. And for those vanilla lovers, you won't be disappointed...because hello vanilla is what they are about. ;)
I initially thought of my mom when I received the package - because 1) she loves yellow. 2) I am always looking for things that will improve her health...
For selfish reasons, I try to look out for my skin, body, and just overall health as much as I when a product is made with natural ingredients it makes me jump for joy. So if you are a health nut, worried about cancer or other disease jerks attacking your might want to pick this up.
$58 for 1.7 oz., I think this perfume is well worth it!...and in case your're wondering LAVANILA does have other scents. Eight to be exact...and that one there is even one with pineapple! 
Anywho, I'm still so mind-boggled that a fragrance can be beneficial to our health. Definitely stoked on this find...spread the word to your circle!

Oh, and the packaging is pretty...seems to fit in perfectly with the Fall season. cute huh? 


Monday, November 3, 2014

GREYSCALE GOODS androgynous fashion

GREYSCALE GOODS androgynous fashion.

What a lovely, lovely, lovely thing that Greyscale Goods is going to be! Can you feel the vibe in their photos above?! I can...

AND watch this...

Thankfully the kickstarter campaign had a standing ovation = goal met!...because now all queer, androgynous, tomboy, gender-bending, gender-neutral, etc, peeps will have a fashion site that curates clothing and accessories to suit our needs, lifestyle, wants!

Do you know what this means?! no more headaches, awkwardness, stares, or time wasted due to rummaging through the little boys section and then the men's section and then the women's section...and so on and so on.

But how exactly does Greyscale Goods work? 
Well, you create a profile and the stylists at the Greyscale Goods warehouse will handpick items that they think are a perfect match for you. A nifty box is delivered to you...You keep what you want and only pay for those items (clothes, shoes, accessories)...If something doesn't work for you, you can return it in the pre-paid box.

Why is this Greyscale Goods a service you will love?

You have style, but rather have someone else do the work.
You WANT style, lack it...and need help! 
A company founded by an amazing stylist (insert applause)Sara Medd, that is part of the community and KNOWS her peeps...she wants to let her! 

Personally, I am excited to try this service...I wonder if Roni will give it a go too...
Please let me know if you do!

You can learn more about Greyscale Goods on their Facebook, twitter, instagram

Images courtesy of GreyScale Goods.  Photography by - Amanda Saugstad. Models - Suzie and Brittany.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pinups For Pitbulls

Little Darling's Pinups for Pitbulls

You are going to fall head over heels for this book, Pinups for me. I did.

What is it filled with?:
 eye-catching and swoon-worthy photos of tattooed pinup girls posing with the cutest pitbulls ever! um, like the ones above! The one in outerspace gets me every damn time. 

To bring awareness of these beautiful canine educate people about the pitbull breed and provide some useful tips. 

What do I really think?...
my heart is melting! seriously. I am having so many cute-attacks. 
I am so grateful that  Little Darling's (Deidre) peeps reached out to me to see if I wanted to check this book out. And I'll be completely honest...first reaction was "PINUPS! Yay!"...then, "I really should learn more about the pitbull breed because there is a huge stigma. And I just LOVE doggies." 

Pitbulls are really sweet doggies (not to mention adorable) but there are just awful rumors about them...and Deidre, the founder of this nonprofit Pinups for Pitbulls is doing an amazing job advocating for these little guys...
Please pick up this book and/or spread the, I'm not getting paid to tell you this. I just really want you to have this on your coffee table. :)


oh - and a little sidenote! There is a calendar too! 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Linear B. - Fall 2014 (makeup & hair)

Linear B. Fall 2014

 (fall makeup and hair)

Erin Dill - Ford Models
Photographer - Dan Busta
Hair & Makeup - Marla Verdugo

I was working on some other style and beauty posts when I remembered...hey! - I haven't posted any of my makeup work lately...except on instagram and twitter...So here ya go. ;) 
The makeup was very simple, fresh, and relaxed..smudged eyes with a bit of gold in the inner corner...flushed cheeks and a very pale lip. Hair was wavy and tousled. Complimented the coziness of the overall fall inspiration that Chi Leung had for Linear B. 

I love a flushed cheek and messy hair. my life.

But also...let's talk about THE sweater. Don't you just love the grey hooded sweater? reminds me of a dinosaur...If a dinosaur was fashionable. :) 

Behind the scenes from my instagram. ♥

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Monday! 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK Taryn Manning at The EMMYs - retro hair

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK star Taryn Manning at The EMMYs 

Taryn Manning was another one of my favorite looks from the EMMYs. I mean who wasn't rooting for Orange Is The New Black?! But, talk about Orange is the new heart was doing major fist pumping for this retro look. Her gold dress is so elegant and classy, reminds me of something that Marilyn Monroe would have worn in her day. :)
The makeup was sultry, and come-hither without being overkill.

The HAIR! love love love the Old Hollywood hair. A sweet and modern interpretation of the classic fingerwave 'do.

I'm thinking with this heat...I might just try this hair for date know, sexy, sort of side-swept...

 ♥ ♥ ♥ 

So if you want to join me and give it a go for Taryn's red-carpet worthy hairdo follow these expert tips from Michael Duenas:

  • ·      Starting on damp hair add 2 golf ball sizes of OSiS+ Grip and a few spritz of OSiS+ Session Label Flexible Hold Hairspray to the roots. 
  • ·      Blow dry with a Denman brush or vent brush, focusing on adding volume at the scalp. 
  • ·      Take a deep side. parting, just past the mid of the eyebrow. 
  • ·      On the heavy side of the head, start at the top, take an inch thick section from the crown to the hairline, split that section in to 1-inch sections. 
  • ·      Using a 1/2 inch curling, curl the 1-inch sections towards the face and pin till they are cool. 
  • ·     Work in this same way, from behind the ear forward, curling all the hair and pinning. 
  • ·      On the lighter side of the head, take 1-inch thick sections from just behind the ear, holding your iron horizontal curl the entire section at once away from the face, work from the parting down till you have curled all the hair. 
  • ·      Working on the back of the head, take 2-inch sections in a brick-lay pattern and curl each section, vertically in different directions. 
  • ·      Using a wide tooth comb, comb out the curls in the front, forming them into a wave. 
  • ·      Brush out the rest of the head with your fingers and touch up with a Mason Pearson.
  • ·      Finish the look with OSiS+ Session Label Strong Hold Hairspray.

Ulta or have your backs. They carry the OSis+ line.
  • OSiS+ Session Label Strong Hold Hairspray ($22)
  • OSiS+ Session Label Flexible Hold Hairspray ($22)
  • OSiS+ Grip ($19)
Taylor Schilling and Taryn Manning via instagram

Final thoughts:
ryn's look for the EMMYs...She cleans up  pretty nice, right?! Right... I know some of you out there are major OITNB let a girl know what you think of her retro and glamorous look. ;)