Monday, April 27, 2015

Vi and Va Stylish Dolls Inspired by Latino Culture - Giveaway #ViandVa

Viva Dolls

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Vi and Va Dolls and Latina Bloggers Connect.

Dolls sometimes remind us of how we want to dress and fun things we want to do in life.
In my childhood I remember playing with dolls with frilly dresses, gowns and bikinis and making them go on little adventures. So much fun!

Oh, memories...

But how's this for cute? There is a new line of dolls that embraces Latinos and their (our) sense of family and friendship. But that's not the only thing the Vi and Va dolls embrace. They were created for Latino kids to embrace their personalities, goals, and even flaws. Love that.

Vi and Va are Vivianna and Valencia, they are sisters but also best friends. They hang out with their cousins Felicia and Roxxi. They have a cute bond that remind me of growing up with my cousins were my first best friends when I was little. And even now, I consider a couple of cousins to be my best friends and my sisters.

I think there will be many Latino kids (and non) that can relate to the personalities and hobbies that these girls have.
Roxxi is the oldest of this doll troop. She is 18, a bit clumsy, but she turns up the beat on her boombox and the girl has rhythm. She loves to practices her pirouttes for Ballet class, but can also break it down dancing hip-hop.
Viviana (or Vi) is 16, a singer who loves to break out her guitar at family gatherings.
Felicia is 17 and sometimes has a hard time focusing. But has the biggest imagination and expresses it in her art. Painting is her favorite.
Valentina (or Va) is especially neat and organized. And at only 15 is quite the chef, whipping up empanadas and conchitas.

Growing up there wasn't much of a selection of cultural dolls, at least here in the U.S. But times are changing and thank goodness for that! Now the Vi and Va doll collection is here exclusively at Target. Do you like the how diverse they are in their looks, hobbies, and personalities? I do hope that they bring on a male primo or a prima with short hair. Wouldn't that be cool?

Speaking of cool.
You can enter for a chance to win one of these lovely dolls. 
Gift it to a special little boy or girl in your life...or keep it for yourself to remind you to keep pushing for those goals..

Follow the steps in the rafflecopter...and Good luck!

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This is sponsored post in collaboration with Vi and Va Dolls and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Create your own DIY STATEMENT NECKLACES book by Erin Pruckno - giveaway

You ever see statement necklaces while you're out shopping or even browsing online and think, "I could totally make that?"
Well now you can!
Blogger Erin Pruckno of Thanks I Made It, recently published a very user-friendly DIY book on how to create your own customizable jewelry...Statement Necklaces to be exact.
And she sent me a copy to check it out and see what I think....

After reading this book from cover to cover. I've realized that:

  • You are actually being environmentally conscious if you reuse unwanted necklace materials. (that's always a plus for me!)
  • Step by step instructions are easy enough for beginners in the DO-IT-YOURSELF world
  • It's a great gift to yourself or for your crafty, artsy, and fashionista friends.
  • Materials and tools used to create the necklaces are all budget friendly.
  • Necklace styles are suitable for several occasions - from business, casual, to chic and cocktail dress appropriate
  • Cool book to have for a Girls Night Out or Slumber Party.

This Spiked Chain necklace is great piece to give just the right touch of edginess to a jeans and t-shirt look.

The Tassel Necklace is adorable. Of course you can use a color that works for you. I'd probably make one in black. :) 

I'm still looking through some of my jewelry that I never wear anymore...and I'll keep you guys updated on what I make.

But on a cooler and funner note:
Erin's creativity has landed her spots with MSN Living, Buzzfeed, Glamour Magazine...and THE RACHEL ZOE REPORT. wow.
And we've partnered up to give one YOU crazy kids a copy of her DIY STATMENT NECKLACES book
Enter below for a chance to win. ♥
Good luck my dears

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ten Essentials for an at Home Spa Day

Ten Essentials for a Spa Day at Home.

I've been trying a little thing called self-care these days. And I am not alone in needing this, right? So I thought I would share with you some of my suggestions in creating a little sanctuary.

First things what you have to do get your alone time. Put phone on silent, get your partner, kids, dog out of the house or into another room. 

1. Make yourself some tea, buster.

My tea of choice is chamomile because it relaxes me. Chamomile is soothing and good for calming nerves and tummy problems. 

2. Light an aromatherapy candle. 

I'm completely obsessed with candles. I used to think that they just smelled delicious and set a nice tone/mood. But recently I stumbled upon this one from DW Home. And I strongly believe that this Lavender Chamomile Aromatherapy candle works...makes me feel relaxed. I found it at TJ Maxx for less than ten dollars. 

2. Take a bath with your favorite bubblebath or bath salt.

I love bathbombs from LUSH because they make bath time extra fun, nourish your skin, and smell delightful. You fill up your tub with water and drop the bathbomb and see the water bubble and fizz...LUSH makes several kinds depending on your skincare needs. They use fresh and natural ingredients, safe synthetics, and packaging is super minimal. :) 
(price $5-13)

(if you don't have a tub, no worries - you can still do number 5 on this list.)

3. Do a hair treatment while you're in the tub (or in the shower).
Philp B. Reguvenating Oil and Katira Hair Masque c/o

We're always in such a rush when we're off to work, school, or play that we barely have time for the lather and rinse. Hair is stressed out from environment and hairtools, so why not treat it with a deep condition? 
I am currently enamored with Wella's Keratin Restore Mask from the Luxe Oil Collection (not pictured), and the PHILIP B. Katira Hair Masque. Also the Philip B Rejuvenating Oil works great as a leave in treatment and doesn't weigh the hair down and BONUS - you can use it on dry, patchy skin like elbows and knees.

4. Give your self a facemask. 
Tea Tree Face mask - c/o The Body Shop

Face masks are wonderful because you can soak in the tub, paint your nails, read a book, whatever while you let it do its magic.
I love me a good face mask. One of my current favorites is the Tea Tree Face Mask from The Body Shop. It's soothes my acne prone skin and minimizes my large pores...but my favorite part is the cooling sensation and the absorption of excess oil. Tea Tree is great for all of that.

5. Treat yourself to a body scrub.

This one by Whish is amazing. It smells like a lavender sugar cookie and leaves  your skin so soft and silky. It's made with a bunch of goodies from the earth, cruelty-free, and vegan. LOVE LOVE LOVE sugar scrubs and this Whish Sugar Scrub gets a super duper gold star because it doesn't leave your tub (or you) all greasy and slippery.
This $38 jar will last you months. :) 

6. Pamper yourself with a mani - pedi.

You can start by doing a little foot scrub this little foot scrub I love to do...
And then follow it up by grooming your nails and polishing with a polish that suits your style.
My current favorite nail polish products for my at home manicures and pedicures are Red Hot Mama from Paint Fab (a product from Just Fab), Wet n' Wild Creative Control, OPI Private Jet, and the Diamond Top Coat from L.A. Colors.

7. Curl up with a good book.

Grab yourself a good read. It'll take your mind off other things and enrich your brain. It'll increase your vocabulary so you can use big words "like delicatessen and potpourri." haha, totally kidding! 
Plus, while you're reading, your nails will have time to dry. :)

8. Teeth Whitening.
Crest 3D White 1hr Express Whitestrips - c/o

There are several quick whitening treatments that you can do in the comfort of your own home. I have recently been trying out the Crest 3D White 1hr Express Whitening Strips and am pretty impressed. There are four treatments in each box. I am seeing results after the second treatment. Thank goodness, because I love to drink tea. Die-hard coffee drinkers will certainly appreciate these little guys.

9. Wax.

(If you have used a scrub, mask, etc. on the same day you may want to hold off on this so you don't irritate your skin.)
Upper Lip Wax. Underarms. Bikini. Whatever your cup of tea is, it's awesome to be able to do this in the privacy of your own home.
Try these products from Completely Bare. You can pick them up at Walgreen's.

10. Fruit infused water.

You know that water is essential for happy and healthy skin and just your overall health...but why not take it up a notch like they do at the spa? Add some cucumber slices or strawberries to your ice water. So yummy. I just whipped up this Fruit Infused Water with ice, mangoes, pineapple, and Persian cucumber. Pretty much used what was already in my fridge. Refreshing and you get to eat the fruit afterwards. :)What a treat!

♥ ♥ ♥
Hope you've enjoyed my tips on how to create a spa day at home. And honestly, I KNOW how difficult it is to actually make time for yourself. But listen to meeeee! YOUR body and mind need a break. You can't do everything...well you can. But I'm sure even Wonder Woman took breaks. I'm wishing you some rest and relaxation, and sending you good vibes.

And if you have any cool at-home-spa tips, please share them with me! 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

SOHO Disney Princess Makeup Brushes

SOHO Disney Princess Makeup Brushes Collection

You know the brand of makeup brushes you usually find at Walgreen's? Well it's London SOHO New York or also known as SOHO. Very recently they launched their Disney Princess Collection of makeup brushes. I am such a sucker for brushes and all things Ariel. Crazy, because I think SOHO sensed my Disney nerdiness and sent some over for  me to play with. 

And, H-E-L-L-O, of course I want to share my thoughts about them.
So let's get to the nitty gritty with these cute brushes:

Ariel Magical Illusion Brush Set 2 piece:
This two-piece brush set consists of a complexion perfecting brush and a beauty highlighting brush. Pretty self-explanatory right? You use the Complexion Perfecting brush for applying foundation and concealer. The Beauty Highlighting Brush is for applying highlight. 
And it's ok to use them in different ways! It's only makeup - remember, don't take it so seriously!
I found that using the foundation brush with the large end to apply moisturizer works for me. The smaller end I like to use it to dab concealer...and sometimes I like to use it to apply a wet eyeshadow.
The Beauty Highlight Brush I love for a liquid or cream contour application. FAVORITE BRUSH in the entire collection...there I said it.

(available at Walgreen's for $12.99)

Belle Enchanted Eyes Eyeshadow Brush Set 3-piece:
The Belle eyeshadow brush set includes three brushes. A flat angled liner brush, medium fluff brush, and a large fluff brush.
Love the Flat Angled Liner Brush to apply gel liner. Both the Medium Fluff Brush and Large Fluff brush do a fabulous job at blending in eyeshadows. The Medium fluff brush is perfect for smoking out shadow on the lower lash line. The Large Fluff blush is excellent for blending out colors on the eyelid. 
(available at Walgreen's for $14.99)

Jasmine Exotic Eyes Brush Set 3-piece:

Fluff and Liner Brush - apply eyeshadow with one side and liquid eyeliner with the other. This brush is genius, because seldom do you see a liner brush like this available at the drugstore. The Crease and Detail Brush - the crease side is for contouring lids and the detail side can be used for adding depth. The Brow Shaping Brush - one side for filling in the brows and the other side is for grooming them. I love this one. So handy.
(available at Walgreen's for $12.99)

I have to say that I am extremely happy with the quality and performance of these brushes. They are made with synthetic fibers (nylon to be exact). I did not experience any fall out of bristles with any of the sets. So if you happen to find yourself in the glorious makeup aisle at Walgreen's, do yourself a favor and pick up one of these sets...I think they are pretty great for under fifteen bucks. Score.

And you'll probably hate me for this..because now you'll want to try these as well. But SOHO also included some makeup sponges to this Disney Princess Collection. 

The Snow White Spellbound Beauty Sponge

I haven't tried the makeup sponges just yet...but aren't they just cute. The Aurora Fairy sponges remind of the Small World ride at Disneyland. 

Doesn't this whole collection want to make you want to get all dolled up for Disneyland and share your or something?


Monday, April 13, 2015


Latex-free eyelash glue

Do you have allergies to latex and love to rock false eyelashes? Have you been in search of  an eyelash glue that does not contain latex?

There are a few choices out there, but I've recently stumbled upon LUS Eye Liquid glue a.ak.a LUS Latex free eyelash glue
It comes in a container similar to one of a liquid eyeliner, you apply it the same way too. :) Comes with a little prong to help you set your eyelashes. (You can use it for double eyelids too if that's your cup of tea.) I purchased the black one on a trip to Nigel's. But you can also order it on Amazon. It will run you about $8 for .17 oz. 

So what do I think about the performance? Great! I've used it a few times and my eyelashes have lasted all day. 
 I don't have allergies to latex - though I do have sensitive eyes, so I wanted to give it a whirl to see if my clients and you babes could benefit from this. Because everyone should be able to wear big fluttery lashes if they want to! Don't ya think?

Happy Makeup Monday!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Kat Von D Innerstellar eyeshadow palette review

Kat Von D Innerstellar eyeshadow palette

Kat Von D.
You probably are already familiar with the tatted up vixen/artist...right? I'm a huge fan!
She's drop dead gorgeous and talented.
But who's tried Kat Von D makeup before?
Well, confession I've been aware of her line for sometime, but this is my first time playing with it!  I was super thrilled to receive the Kat Von D Innerstellar eyeshadow palette in my The Makeup Show goodie bag. Super thankful because that means more makeup shenanigans...which of course means I can share my thoughts with you darlings.

First off the packaging is very psychadellic, whimsical, and sort of magical. I love it.
The geek in me loves the way it sounds when it closes - very secure. The palette feels heavy and sturdy.

The colors:
The colors in the Kat Von D Innerstellar palette are mostly on the deep and sultry side, with an exception of a few. The tones are violets, rich browns/taupes, silvers, and black.

I've been playing with it for a few days now and love how pigmented all the eyeshadows are . Especially love wearing them wet! Yes - you can totally use these eyeshadows wet or dry. I think many will appreciate the versatility in that.

The contenders in this palette are:
Vast - It's a very creamy and rich taupe.
Lunacy - Also another vibrant color, but somehow subtle enough to wear in the day...yet it manages to be super vibrant especially when applying wet...Great for bridal!
Night Crawler - Such a vibrant black even when wearing it dry - nope, no chalkiness! Can I get a "hell yeah!" Now if you choose to apply it wet, it is a dream! If you're feeling extra crafty, you can use this as an eyeliner. 
The runners up in this palette are:
Lunacy - it's an iridescent in the lavender/baby pink world. I can see so many uses for this color. One of them would be a great little highlight for the inner corner of your eye...
And another one.  Ok - you might laugh at me for this and I might be dating myself. But I used to wear a baby blue irredescent lipstick in the 90s and this would be awesome to set it. 
Darkstar - a rich, deep, dark, and velvety plum. A stellar color for those dark and sultry looks.

The wallflower of the group:
Gravitron - a pearly white eyeshadow. I feel that in any palette there is usually a color that just kind of hangs out in case you need it. Sure, it's not as vibrant or creamy, BUT I think it has potential for sure. It can soften looks, great for blending something out, or you just need a little sweep . I'm sure you'll find a use for it. :) 

 Just in case you haven't seen my instagram video:
I wore this look in the day. I was feeling a little fancy.
Thinking about doing more of these little videos. :)
(you can follow me at @marlitacupcake)

Final thoughts:
I think this palette is ideal for:
Evening looks.
Red-carpet looks.
Goth Makeup
Rock Star looks - duh.
Smokey eyes.
Soft, yet sultry looks.
Even a bridal look works in a pinch!

Now, obviously that's just my opinion, but you can definitely achieve so much more from this palette! Get creative! I'm really diggin' Kat Von D's line so far. It's pretty stellar. ;)

So are you going to go out and get the Innerstellar? It's $46 at Sephora and You get a lot of product for your money. And if you already own this and tried it please share with me how you use it? I'm open to new ideas and techniques! Also, I'm super eager to try more of this line...So, what are your favorite Kat Von D makeup products? 


Disclosure - I received the Kat Von D Innerstellar palette at The Makeup Show as a gift. I'm not paid or required to write about it...just wanted to share my thoughts with all of you. :)

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Super Pi Day Wedding at The Madonna Inn

Super Pi Day Wedding!

Theresa & Kris Finch
Super Pi Day Wedding
Hair & Makeup - Marla Verdugo

Remember I wanted to share with you guys something awesome that happened at The Madonna Inn on Pi Day? 
Well this was it! My gal pal Theresa married her sweetheart Kris on Super Pi Day!  The two are art lovers and super creative, Theresa is a you can see the uniqueness of this celebration! Their wedding was whimsical, filled with lots of love, glitter, stars, pies, pizza, a 1938 Jaguar, and a lavender dress. 

We had to keep these photos under wraps because Theresa had her wedding dress designed by Heidi Elnora and it was part of the tv show Bride by Design! The episode just aired on Friday night. :) 
So cool, right?
Here's a preview of the episode.

Some behind the scenes photos I took during the festivities. ♥

 Fun fact - aside from being Theresa's bridesmaid, I was also her makeup artist/hairstylist. :) We had such a fun time planning her look, and both agreed that something a la Brigitte Bardot would be ideal...even a little Ginger McKenna. (points if you get that reference.) Theresa insisted that we include some Tom Ford makeup in her wedding day look. I obviously did not object!
And yeah - if you're thinking about TOM FORD makeup, try the Titanium Smoke eyeshadow palette - four colors total...sultry to the max. 
(plus Tom Ford and Theresa share the same initials. haha! cute, huh?)

After the rehearsal dinner.

Venus Fly Trap centerpieces.

Roni & me. ♥
Ok - I already shared this in a previous post and on instagram, but I love this picture of us...not to mention this dress!

The bachelorette party was non-stop fun. Theresa is really into Sing you can guess how into karaoke she was that night! 
So cute.

Also, did you watch the show or the preview? Flower crown look familiar? It's the flower crown Theresa made and Kris used for inspiration in one of his paintings.
And so we shot this to surprise Kris on their wedding day.
Doesn't Theresa look beautiful?

More than likely, I will be updating this post with more photos. :) So keep your eyes peeled like bananas. 
Also, what did you think of the lavender wedding dress? What about the overall styling of the wedding? Share your thoughts, I'm curious. ♥